Lightsheer Duet - Review

Hi, I’ve been using LHR for my chest and abdomen - have had about 4 treatments with the regular lightsheer diode and now 2 treatments with the lightsheer duet over the course of 14 months- I’m a type 4-5 skin with corse/fine hair

The first four treatments with the regular lightsheer gave me about 5-10 percent reduction with each session. The settings were about 18-20 joules/cm2 at 30ms - kind of low - but we tried 22 once and I got burned (purpura all over my chest - which thankfully is gone) - so decided we decided to go low.

I have had 2 treatments with the lightsheer duet over the past 2 months (last one was a few days ago) - I have to say that the I was really skeptical cause the they used 7 joules and 100ms - and the hair pretty much immediately started growing again - i thought it was a scam and was gonna ask for my money back - but I observed for a while and at the 4 week mark the hair started to fall out - at the 8 week mark there were patches all over my chest and abdomen (we also did my upper arms and shoulders for the first time as well and those were all very patchy) - with the normal lightsheer the hair would stop falling out at 4 weeks and normal growth was present at 8 weeks- seems to me like the lightsheer duet is more effective than the regular lightsheer - based on the results I saw at 8 weeks on my arms/shoulders - my chest is pretty much all patchy at this point and the areas of regrowth are finer - anyways - i’m pretty happy with the results and will likely stop when the regrowth is evened out.

As for the duet - it is wwaaay faster - much less painful (though you still feel a light pinch) - no lubrication is required - you just have to wait longer for the results :slight_smile:


All of those settings are not going to result in permanent removal. Give it enough time (4-6 months) and I can guarantee you that it will all be back.

If you got burned at 22j 30ms, you need a YAG laser. Diode is not going to give you permanent results at those settings. Also, 7J 100ms is a complete waste of time.

I would start looking for a good Yag laser like GentleYAG or Apogee Elite, or Coolglide, and someone who knows what they’re doing.

Btw, what does “coarse/fine” mean?

By fine/corse I meant corse in the middle and fine on the sides, lol… I was contemplating switching lasers - but after reviewing the studies on the lightsheer, I was pretty confident about it - I would usually push the technician to maximize the joulse and pulse width - but even at lower settings (ie 18-20 joules at 30 ms) Hair was popping out like mad - and all the hair would fall out in 2 weeks - so I knew I was getting the response I wanted - the longest I went without LHR was about 3-4 months - and at the end of it there was a definite reduction in hair -

As for the fluence - the spot size on the duet is huge - which I guess necessitates lowering the fluence (which is at a max of 12/cm2). I’m planning on stopping after 2 or 3 more treatments - I can definitely post pics and let you guys know how it goes - as it stands, i’ve attained a 40-60 percent reduction… looking for 80 percent before I stop…


By the way, the spot size on the duet is 22 x 35 mm which is huge, so of course the joules need to be lower.

The only problem is that the hair needs to heat up enough to be disabled for good. Shedding is good, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it was disabled permanently.

My concern is mostly with the 100ms pulse width, not the joules, since the spot size is so large. It needs to be much lower to be effective in my opinion. Maybe they can take your original setting and go down just enough so that you don’t get burned.

i just got treated with the duet- and the ‘regular’ <ahem> module for the smaller, harder-to-reach bits.

with the regular module it hurt like a bitch- as i would expect it to (on my bikini/underarm eg. epilating is incredibly painful).

i have experienced around 40% shedding in two hours! looking good.

on the areas treated with the duet module (the big spot size) i felt almost nothing. a slight shock in the center of the handpiece, most sensation came from the vacuum- and that doesn’t hurt. i didn’t expect this!

afterwards i felt no discomfort on the areas treated with the suction module, and witness no shedding/burned stubble/raised follicles.

the fact i felt action concentrated in the center of the piece, and from a video i watched about the duet, suggests the tech needs to make a considerable overlap in order to treat the area evenly.

of course i didn’t come away with settings: that would be helpful :wink: i can call. i totally feel like a pain in the behind constantly getting into discussions with the techs when they are usually pushed for time.

miss_m, am I correct in inferring this is the first time you’ve had your bikini area treated? If so, then two things:

  1. I had almost all of my shedding in this area by the third day! I thought that was really soon, but if you’ve already had 40% shedding then I suppose there’s something about this area that reacts that way. Pretty cool, I think.

  2. Please keep us updated on how this goes for you. I’m getting this area treated too, and I’m curious. :slight_smile:

You should wait 3 weeks for shedding to complete. Sometimes it doesn’t even start until week 1.5.

my settings are as follows (lightsheer duet):

labia/perenium: Fluence 23 Pulse 30, with ET
bikini: Fluence 6.5 Pulse Custom, with Duet
underarms: Fluence 7.2 Pulse Custom, with Duet
toes: Fluence 29 Pulse 30, with ET

how do these sound to you? i went for a touchup but they still missed some large areas which look like they won’t shed.

The settings are ok. You may be able to handle higher, but they would have to test. Are they using compression on the LightSheer? It’s necessary for results, especially if they’re gliding. It sounds like they’re missing areas, potentially due to gliding.

LAGirl I think they’re using LightSheer Duet so no compression, it vacuums the skin up into it!

What does “ET” stand for in the settings that you list? I’m assuming that’s not Duet?

LAgirl, the Duet is different, it has a large hand piece that sucks the skin into it and then fires.

I understand that. I was referring to the other settings they listed with ET instead of DUET.

labia/perenium: Fluence 23 Pulse 30, with ET

toes: Fluence 29 Pulse 30, with ET

You’re right, my bad.
ET is a 9mm handpiece.

yes sorry, et is the regular handpiece.

most of the missed patches were from the duet, and no, compression wasn’t really used with the 9mm, though this time there was no gliding. i think they have to overlap the treated area with the duet as it’s stronger in the center. ideally i’d have them do it all with the 9mm as it seems much more effective, but then the price will surely go up. i’m gonna have to ask them to draw a grid.

i feel wary telling people how to do their job- but as i am not really getting the results i’m going to have to. also language is a barrier. but- the price is so unbelievably cheap i’ll keep going even if i turn into miss bossy boots and everytime i need a touchup.

both times the hair has not shed from my toes, though it is not growing- and the pores are really visible :frowning: it looks so obvious now.

it’s a pity that they wrote ‘custom’ for the duet settings- that tells us nothing. next time i go in i’ll have a word and pay attention to the screen.

thank you for your input lagirl.

Is the standard LightSheer any good? It never seems to ever be recommended, it’s always Apogee or GentleLASE or Soprano XL for a diode. Never see anyone on here saying to go for LightSheer. I guess just because as LAGirl has said before it’s harder to use unless you’re skilled with it.

LightSheer is good if used properly. Many techs try to do it too fast and don’t use compression and just glide fast and miss lots of areas. Check out RJC2001’s posts - he’s still one of the top contributors listed on the right. He got great results on LightSheer, but his conclusion was that anything under 25J, even if used properly, is not high enough for permanent damage to the follicle. I believe he used LightSheer with the older 9mm vs newer 12mm spot size.