lightsheer duet fluence

Hi everybody!

here’s my situation: after posting on this forum a few months back asking about hair removal on my shoulders, I was advised to go straight to electrolysis.
But after 4 consultations and countless phone calls, I wasn’t able to find a single practitioner in my area. Not even one.
So I took my chances and went for laser, Lightsheer duet specifically.

I had one session so far, and even though I can’t exactly remember the settings they used, I remember asking about fluence cause I was , and still am, concerned about induced growth. They used about 9,5 joules, which is close to the max 12 J/cm2 this handpiece allows.

My doubt arised when I checked the specifications of the small lightsheer ET handpiece (9mm), which allows up to 100 J/cm2.

Also reading around the forum I noticed other machines use a much larger fluence compared to the lightsheer duet MAX settings.

Can someone please shed some light about this?
is the lightsheer duet going to give good results even though it has an apparent low J/cm2 settings, especially compared to other machines?
Should I switch to the smaller handset and ask to raise the fluence to accomplish more sound results?

Thanks for your help, bye


I had a similar situation a few months ago, and yes, the LightSheer Duet does give good results even if it has an apparent low J/cm2 settings. Just give it time.