LightSheer Diode VS Coolglide?


I am currently looking at 2 different practitioners. 1 uses the LightSheer Diode laser and the other uses the Coolglide system?

What is the latest and best technology to go for at the moment?



I thought CoolGlide and LightSheer were the same technology, though CoolGlide may be a more recent iteration (cleared by the FDA in January of 2001 as method for permanent hair reduction).


I beleieve the Cool Glide is a Nd:YAG long pulse laser operating at 1064 nm. Unless of course there is more than one version of the Cool Glide. The Nd:YAG is supposed to be better for darker skin types, including tanned skin.

If you have light skin and dark hair, the Light Sheer would be the better choice. My practitioner told me that the Light Sheer requires fewer teatments than a Nd:YAG laser to achieve the same amount of hair clearance. The Nd:YAG is normally used for people with skin too dark to tolerate the Lightsheer or Apogee.



RJC2001 is right-- the Altus CoolGlide is an Nd:YAG. I believe the diodes may be more effective, although there is limited data on both types.


Hello Skin

A week ago I started laser hair removal over most of my body using the Light Sheer diode and found it to work well with the only side effects of having tiny red bumps around each follicle for 2 days afterward. Time will tell the effectiveness of it but from a comfort point of view it was not to bad. My skin type is 2 with a slight residual tan from this summer. Treatment was with long pulses at 40J for legs,bikini,butt and 37J on the back (a little more tan still there).
Hope my two bits will help you make an informed decision.



I havent had any experience with the CoolGlide but the Lightsheer is working well for me. At a 1064 wavelength i would think thats more suited for someone with darker skin but might work well for lightskin also(more treatmens).So far im pleased with the Lighsheer after just 2 treatments and have seen alot of clearance and little regrowth which is finer and lighter. Hope whatever you choose works well for you !