Lightsheer - damage to blood cells?


I have read a lot on this forum about the importance of compression when using the lightsheer, and one of the reasons given was that it reduced the absorption of the laser light by circulating blood cells. Does it damage or destroy the blood cells?? And if so, does this cause short term anaemia, or any permanent harm??
Anyone??? :confused:


I’ve read information about this topic in medical journals, but the details elude me.

Evidently, blood abosorbs laser light, and harmlessly dissipates it. They now use lasers on heart surgery, because the blood within the heart aborbs the energy (and stops the laser from going through it?).

I think the concern with hair laser removal would be that blood absorbs and weakens the laser energy, stealing it from the hair follical. I’ve had 4 laser treatments, and never experienced any blood-related side effects.

When concerned about blood, you should remember that Emla cream many people use (as myself) contains 2.5% lydocaine and prylocaine. That’s abosorbed right into the blood. Too much (over 60mg) can cause toxicity, dizziness, nausea, black outs, etc. With only 30mg of the stuff, I get light headed. Be careful when driving!


Different things in blood absorb different wavlengths of laser to varying degress. For instance, hemoglobin absorbs argon laser wavelengths at a high rate, which is why argons turned out not to be good for cosmetic hair removal.

Blood causes more scattering and attenuation, which means less laser light gets deep in the skin. Plus the pressure can help relive some of the discomfort for some consumers.


When compression is used with the Lightsheer, I found it to be more comfortable and effective. he vest of both worlds.