Lightshear vs. Aurora

Hi all.
I have been having laser hair removal done on my back and shoulders.
I have had five visits so far (12 weeks apart), each time less hair regrows back and what does grow back is patchy (except for the back of my neck) which seems to be the toughest hair to get rid of!!
I am a white male and this is my question…

The first 4 visits were done with a Lightshear machine. Yesterday, on my 5th visit they had a new Aurora machine.

What is the difference?

The Aurora was hotter during treatment but I am less red afterward.
What is better Lightshear or Aurora???

Hello there!

The same happened to me, I started my treatments on Light Sheer, and then the American Laser Centers decided to replace it with Aurora. As I previously posted, I did not feel that Aurora worked for me as good as Light Sheer did.

Did you notice the difference between the effects of Light Sheer vs. Aurora?

With Aurora, I did not see any shading, there were no patches of hair growing back, and there was no period in between the treatments where the growth of the hair would slow down.

My technician seems to think now, that Aurora works better on finer hair then Light Sheer. And those of us with coarse hair should stick to Light Sheer.

Anybody with experience, please share the knowledge! :confused:

Thank you, polki.

I’m not liking the sounds of this…

I too, am going to American Laser Centers!!!

When I asked why the new machine, I was told they where waiting for their “new” Lightsheer to come in. She said they get a new one every year.

But after hearing you say the same thing, I am thinking the “Aurora” is the “new machine”???

I can’t say I don’t like it yet, it’s only been a week since my treatment & it usually takes me 3 weeks to see a difference. I will keep you posted!

I have had both and honestly am having a hard time deciding which is best. I had slightly more hair when I was treated with the Lightsheer which made it seem like it removed more hair. I have had very good results from both.

The Aurora does seem to work better on finer hairs. And it does result in less scabbing and redness. The upgraded Aurora feels stronger and it still did not cause scabbing. I tend to lean towards the Aurora unless you have light skin. I would try one and if you don’t like the results try the other.

I am very fortunate in that my practitioner has everything, the Aurora, Lightsheer, Sciton Nd:YAG and electrolysis.

Hope this helps.


Thanks RJC!
So far am liking the Lightshear better but I will give it another week or 2 before I say forsure.

cuzn_it, did you contact your ALC to find out if they will be able to treat you with Aurora? I am just trying to see if they are keeping the Light Sheer.

Thanks, polki.

cuzn_it, correction to my previous post:

I ment to ask if they are able to treat you with Light Sheer .

Originally, when my center got Aurora, they told me that they did not have Light Sheer anymore, and that Aurora was going to replace Light Sheer in all American Laser Centers. Then as you already know, all of sudden, Light Sheer was available again. It seems that enough clients wanted to be treated by Light Sheer, that they decided to have both Lasers. So, I am intrested if the location you get treated in, has Light Sheer.

Thanks, polki.

No, I haven’t contacted them yet.
I wanted to wait for my results, if any.

I don’t think it is fair to be changed to Aurora if I signed up for 6 treatments of Lightshear.
I will have to look at my paperwork.

As far as I remember, there is nothing in your contract about the type of Laser ALC will treat you with, so there is no way to “make” them keep Light Sheer. I am just hoping that if enough people will be asking to be treated with Light Sheer, they will keep it not to lose their customers to other places.

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On my first Aurora treatment of this year, I had my arms done. The inside of my upper arms are now hair free, and 1 month later no hair has grown back. The outside of my arms has had some regrowth but the skin is darker on my outer arms and the hair there may have not been in the growth stage. I’m going to have my arms treated again with the Aurora and see what happens. There is a definite improvement though.

For some reason the arms seem more resistant to laser treatment. I noticed the same thing, even more so with the Lightsheer. The Lightsheer was less successful than the Aurora on my arm hair, but it worked very well on my chest.

I have stopped having laser and Aurora treatments on my chest because there is not enough hair left to justify it. I am getting the stragglers with electrolysis.


I just went to and found out they changed their web site since I was there last!!!

They now advertise the Aurora as their hair removal system.

Isn’t the Aurora an IPL? So much for them being a “laser” center.

You’re right, the Aurora is not a laser, but IPL syncronized with Radio Frequency. It is called ELOS technology, and it is very much software driven. I think it is unfair that you paid for the Diode in your package and they are forcing you to use a different machine. I wonder if there is something in your contract that says they reserve the right to upgrade their technology. If not, I would think you could get a refund. On the other hand, I personally am excited by the fact that they are replacing the Diode (a machine that has a proven track record for permanent results) with something (Aurora) that they obviously feel is the next generation of hair removal. Since I am not a good candidate for Laser, but a great candidate for the AUrora, I am feeling much more confident that the awsome results I have seen so far are going to last permanently.

Ok, here’s an update.
It has been 3 1/2 weeks since my Aurora treatment.
I FINALLY am seeing shedding.
I do notice more “missed” spots than usual???
I called them today & complained about the Aurora & I was told that they now have both, Lightshear & Aurora.
I made sure that my next appt. would be with the Lightshear & I told them I didn’t like my results from my last visit.


Where is your practioner, that has so many methods to chose from? Is this a chain?

I would love to see such a practioner, so I could try all the methods out to see what works best.

This seems hard to find.