light skin, light hair

I have just made an appointment for laser hair removal on my upper lip and sideburns. I am light skinned with blonde facial hair. The technician said to expect 60% hair loss because the laser has a hard time picking up on the light hairs. Is this true? Has anyone had good results with this skin and hair type?

I honestly don’t think you are a good candidate for Laser. I find it very hard to believe what your tech is telling you, and you have to be aware of the fact that you would not be the first person to be promised results with Laser that are just not possible. Laser doesn’t work well on blonde and red hair. If your hair has brown in it, maybe, otherwise I think you might be in for a big disappointment, The Aurora might be an option, but I am not sure. You might want to save you money and consider Electrology.

I do agree with the last post.Laser only works by
targeting the black follicle.If the follicle is blond,red or gray it will not do anything.
There are however poeple who are blond who have still black follicles.Only a Electrolgist will be able to tell you if you do.