Light Sheer in New Jersey

Hi, all. I’ve been reading these posts for a few days now, and just got my first consult at a place called Dr. Pistone, Dermatologist in Marlton, NJ. Anyone used them before?

The lady that did my consult was the physician’s assistant and she told me that she is the only one that does the treatments, not the doctor. They use the Light Sheer laser which I’ve read about on here, and she gave me good reports from her 2 years of doing treatments.

She said she has never seen scarring or burns, and that everyone she has treated has responded at some level to the laser. I’m contemplating having my back and shoulders done (I’m light skinned with black hair) and she said I was a good candidate.

In addition, her price of $2,600 for the 6 treatment package sounded reasonable. Any reason I should look elsewhere for a better deal? Does this sound reasonable?

They don’t do test patches becuase she said I really didn’t need it, but I could do one if I wanted to. Plus, she has all her patients buy Lidocaine for the pain, even though I could get along without it. In her words “There shouldn’t be any pain with this treatment. Use the Lidocaine.”

I would appreciate any comments or concerns I should raise with this business. I was impressed with her realness (said she would never treat tanned people, and 6 treatments is necessary for full hair reduction) and the fact that she didn’t feed me any bull. Overall, a good business, I think.


I think that she seems pretty up front. I wouldn’t be concerned, either, that a doctor isn’t doing the treatment (if you were). Remember, just because they’re an MD doesn’t grarantee that thet know all about laser hair removal. After all, NOBODY is taught this in med school! I have had much laser hair removal done, and I use a topical. But, I say get a spot test, if at least for tolerance. Maybe you’ll need it, maybe not…