Light Sheer in Chicago (for thinning Beard) ?


This is a great site. Thank you Andrea (and all the other knowledgeable posters).

After reading many posts I am interested in finding s Clinic/Doctor who uses
“Light Sheer” Laser in Chicago area. I have been treated by Alexandrite
(GentleLASE, made by Candela) on my back , shoulders and upper arms,
before (3 times). I am happy with the results, so far. I am starting my
forearms tomorrow.

Now I am thinking about “thinning my beard”. I know this could be very
tricky and the results may be patchy (if not done correctly). I still want to
explore this and find an experienced practitioner of the "Light Sheer " laser
(since I have seen many references about it, on this board). I will also
consult with doctors who use GentleLASE for beard.

So far I have not been able to find even one doctor that uses “Light Sheer”
laser in Chicago area. If you know of one , please let me know. My skin type
is III (I think)



Hi-- use the search feature for Chicago laser. I seem to recall some posts about LightSheer in Chicago.