Light sheer duet

I have been considering laser hair removal for awhile now and have learned a lot from this site. I went to two places in Seattle (Bellevue) Washington, The Pro Club and Lotus laser. Both use the light sheer duet. The Pro Club said that a Brazilian costs $400 per treatment for 5 treatments and $50 per treatment thereafter. She also said that the light sheer has shown long term results of 15+ years of no regrowth. From what I read on here the duet is new so there’s no way this could be true. Am I wrong? My other question is the pro club would be around $2300 I am guessing to get a full brazilian. lotus has packages of 6 for $750. What’s the difference? Would it be unwise to go to less expensive place? Thanks in advance.

I can’t comment on price as I’ve never done brazillian so don’t know what a good price is, but both seem high to me.

Regardless of the laser, after 6-8 treatments you should be able to go 6+ months with no treatments and if no hair comes back then it worked. If hair came back in 15 years then that’s new hair your body is producing due to hormones etc but not due to the laser. Once a hair is dead it’s dead for good.