Light hairs

I am a black male getting electrolysis on my beard area. Most of the hair is gone. However a few remain especially on the cheek areas. These hairs are black however very light. Not as thick and coarse as when I first started. My electrologist is having a problem seeing these hairs. Apparently my skin tone (brown) and the black hair color is making them difficult to see. When I stand in front of a mirror they are very easy to see.

Her suggestion is I may just have to live with them. The problem is the reason why I took this step was because I suffered from really, really bad ingrown hairs. Really bad. Thanks to laser and electrolysis I have not seen any bumps in a while. However when I decided to shave these light hairs I got a couple of big bumps.

I am wondering if any electrologist here has worked on black male facial hair and what advise do you have for me? Should I just get as much of the light hairs and live with the rest? Is there no way these hairs can be seen and removed? It looks kind of strange with most of the hairs gone and these few remaining. If I had known this was the endgame I probably would have chosen thinning.

Hi 4545,
It is curious that someone as good as your electrologist who has managed to get you rid of the dreaded by many black curly hair would give up on the lighter hairs, but if that’s the case I would suggest you look for another electrologist who is more comfortable working on the finer hair. All hair can be killed as long as we can see it. Look for a tech who uses loupes or stereo-microscope to help them see smaller hairs.
You have come a long way, don’t give up now!
Good luck!

Geri, she is very good. Maybe the best in my area. She has managed to get rid of all the very coarse curly hair with minimum PIH. However it seems she does have a problem with seeing the lighter hairs. She uses loupes and tells me she uses the highest magnification yet she has a hard time seeing them. It takes lots of tilting of my head and light for her to spot these hairs.

I am very close to being done which is why I am concerned about how this will end. I do try to grow them as long as possible so that she can see them. I go every two weeks but even if I do not shave in between they do not grown very long.

The amount of hair left is such that I am sure someone with a powerful stereo-microscope could get rid of everything left in a couple of hours. Last week there was a discussion about coloring the hairs to make them easier to see. Maybe I should try that though I do not know what to buy.