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I know that radiancy has a spatouch and skin station for hair removal. these devices aren’t as expensive as the rest of hair removal devices. I checked and spatouch energy is 2- 7.5 J/cm2 which is kind od low. I know that skin station’s energy is 3- 10 j/cm2. I know there are people that say that skin station can give you nice results after 10-15 treatments witch touch up twice a year to have a hair free skin.They usually preffer skin station over spatouch. I just found out that radiancy had made a new LUA lamps for spatouch that double the energy output which would means that in case of spatouch the energy could go as high as 15 joules/cm2 which is even more than skin station. That could really give some good results. Light energy fluence range in both these devices is the same (400-1200 nanometers ).
anybody here used or have a spatouch with new lua lamps and could tell me if the results have been better?

I have an IPL system called (SpectraClear) manufactured by Radiancy, but was purchased through a different company. This system I believe is very similar to Radiancy’s SpaTouch System. I have had very good results on my clients who have dark hair, but not so much with white hairs.I recently replaced the LUA attachment and received the newer stronger bulb. I had to reduce the power setting about 50%. This newer bulb is definitly stonger. Unfortunately, I need to find a buyer for my system, due to California licensing requirements. I was told I did not need any particular license to operate this equipment at time of purchase. It is only 7 months old and like new. I can send photos and answer any questions to anyone interested by sending me an e-mail to

Flash lamps and lasers depend on the color of the target to get any action at all. White hair has no color, therefore, it can not work no matter how hot your bulb is. There is no action on blonde hair either. You should sue the salesperson and the company for fraud. It is not legal to sell you this device. Your lack of proper training is obvious and you would get into a lot of trouble if you continued to use this PRESCRIPTION DEVICE.

Some untrained operators have used these flash lamps on brown “liver” or “age spots”. The color gets bleached out and a proper diagnosis can not be made. If the patient had a melanoma it would be impossible to make a diagnosis so the patient usually dies in 3 years of a brain tumor. All this was the fault of companies who want to make large bucks even if the patient DIES and trusting operators who want to make big bucks.