Light Activated System XP (L.A.S)???


Hi, Has anyone heard of Light Activated System XP (L.A.S) ?? I was told at this place called ‘The Hairaway Centre’ that it is far superior to anything else offered on the market,and it is not Laser or IPL. Result of treatment = Permanent removal,Long term reduction.Plus! Money back-GUARANTEE PROVIDED.Is this a scam?? Please advise :confused:


Where did you see these claims, and where is the Hairaway Centre located? There’s not enough information to respond.


I’m from Singapore.I called them up and was told they use Diode Laser.Andrea,please check out their website
Thank you!


diode lasers are OK if they have enough power. I can’t tell you if they have enough power wthout knowing the make and model of the equipment. Practitioner skill is the most important thing.