Life rulled my excess hair. I'm depressed.

I’m so tired of living with it. It’s fair, thick and everywhere. I had 4 sessions of laser and it just wasn’t working. I’ve now saved £300 for electrolysis (starting with back of neck) but I know it’s gonna cost loads more than this. I’ve just found out I’m pregnant too, and my hair has gotten thicker! It’s dominating my life and I can’t talk to anyone about it! I don’t have a single hour when this is not an issue.

I feel screwed.

Have you tried to get your money back from the LASER clinic? That would be a tidy amount to add to your electrolysis fund. A client of mine got a full refund for her failed treatments. The time will come when you will go steam ahead with electrolysis. Focus on the most bothersome area first and stay with a plan. I feel bad for you.

They wont give me my money back because they explained it might not be effective due to my blonde hair and light skin tone. Luckily, it was only £35 per session so I’ve only lost £140, which hasn’t been a total loss because at least I know now that it tried and it didn’t work. I’ve found a recommended electrologist to go too but I have to wait for my skin to calm down (it’s been really spotty thanks to a rough first trimester of pregnancy). I’ve got fine, fuzzy hair everywhere, so I’m never gonna be 100% rid of it, but I’m gonna start on the back of my neck so I can wear my hair in a ponytail for the first time in about 12 years!

Its sad to read your story laurasblease, but you are on the right track saving for electrolysis.

Laser is always a big chance to take, because you dont know for sure what you really are paying for.
Like my experience, you could spend money and time on nothing at all.
Electrolysis is, like the experts on this forum says, predictable.

Good luck on your journey :slight_smile:

Another question. WHY WOULD THEY EVEN TREAT YOU? You have light hair! That is unethical. A ruby laser? How old is that? I didn’t think they produced them anymore. Can any LASER experts comment on that?

Good luck and enjoy your second trimester of pregnancy!

I just wanted to say you’re not alone! I suffered from it, and still do to an extent, for many years and it stopped me from doing so many things like going on holiday.

I also felt worse about it during my pregnancy as I had to stop the laser treatment - not to mention the hormones kicking in! Also, the few friends that I showed my problem areas too were all surprised by my obsession with it and felt it was no-where near as worse as I imagined. Don’t forget you are probably most critical and by focusing on the problem it does make it look worse.

Please try to not let it rule your life - like I did. It’s not worth it and soon you’ll have a beautiful baby which might put things more into perspective. Having said that, bear in mind that you might not feel your best appearance for a while anyway, what with baby weight etc.

Laser helped me a lot, I am still having laser on my facial hair and have just said sod it to the rest. I can’t afford to spend any more hundreds on laser.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to start your electrolysis soon and you’ll feel so much better when you are doing something about it.

i feel your pain laura. i have 3 boys and it seemed with each pregnancy that the hair on my chin gradually worsened. it’s extremely humiliating and i too would get depressed about it. it finally reached this point to where i am now, finally coming out of the darkness and seeking professional help :wink: thank goodness for this forum and all the helpful advice, I have had my first electrolysis treatment and i’m pleased and excited by the results thus far. i look forward to this journey towards hair woes being gone!! =) Best wishes for a grace filled pregnancy!