LIFE Detox Patch

We’ve been researching detoxification for 12 years and we’ve sold different patches over the years. None of them met our high standards, so we teamed up with a famous Scientist, a well-known Doctor and the owner of the company to design the Highest Quality ever created. We believe in quality so these are all natural ingredients and the herbs are imported from Japan. We use no fillers or starches. These are the finest quality foot patches available today.

And this relates to “darker skin issues” how?

We banned a user last month for contributing nothing but spam links and non-sequetors to the site. My guess is that this is either the same spammer, or a copy-cat spammer.

This is what we get for having such a large and loyal daily visitor count.

Can you guess how I feel about telemarketers calling me at work!?! Grrrrr…

I know exactly how you feel. It has gotten to the point that I don’t even answer long distance phone calls anymore, unless they are recognizable as current clients, because of the number of time wasting long distance calls that my office gets.

So if you are calling from out of town, please leave a message with your return phone number and maybe an email address, and I will get back to you when I can.