lidocaine shots in New England or SF

I live in Massachusetts. I wonder if anybody knows about any electrologists who can provide lidocaine anaestheia for facial electrolysis to make the last phases of it easier so I can get it done soon.

if you know how much they charge that would help too…

in late November I plan to make a trip to San Francisco so I wonder if anybody knows of anybody doing it there as well.

thanks to you all in advance…

Don’t know in the east, but about an hour south of SF you can look into here:

Wave Electrology
Guy Campo
San Jose, CA
(408) 292-1078 (old number?)
(408) 292-1558
2131 Tehama Ave. 95122-1761
Works with Dr. Joy Schaffer who can provide injections to ease pain.
Injections will add about about $80 to the cost of the visit. R.E., CPE

the newer phone number seems current but I discovered some more up-to-date contact information via

the website which does not as yet have any real info says they prefer e-mail questions to phone calls…

thanx Andrea… for this and much else…

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