LIDOCAINE 5% -male, chest, abs

hi there everyone,

its been a long time since i’ve posted here. i’m a 20 year old male with slightly olive color skin (european background i think fitz 3) doing chest and abs with light-sheer diode laser (which i believe is stronger than the yagg). so far i’ve seen some difference in the coarse hairs after 2 treatments and going to my third treatment i found it was far too painful for me.

the lady suggested that i get Maxilene 5 (a local anesthetic to be put on 1 hour before laser) which contains 5% lidocaine…

my question is: since lidocaine is only 5%, is it safe to use this cream on chest and lower abs?

i’ve heard stories that higher doses have led to heart blockage and siezures. response would be appreciated!

4-5% should be ok and apply only to areas that you can’t handle. dangerous amounts were all in the 10% range and applied to large areas for a long period of time