LHR treatmeant

hi i just went on my first treatment today…on my chest and stomach…i would like to say it was not painfull…but i felt a little pain…the guy i went to had done it for 6 years. he uses the coolglide laser…the setings were 36J…10msec…and 20(didint see what it stude for)…and i had 1064 shots…he looked like he knew what he was doin…he iced me down first to numb the skin…insted of using creams or painkillers…ill try geting pics and keeping you guys posted…and my next treatment is sep 1…also it is very cheap $720 for three years guarantee…he let me pay half too. i think it was a good deal compared to places like American laser centers…witch they wanted about 3500…

what is your skin and hair type? Coolglide is a Yag, best for skin types IV and darker. If you didn’t feel much, the settings were probably too low. 35 joules on Coolglide is pretty low. Let us know if you experience shedding.

my skin type is between 4or5 ive posted on here once http://www.hairtell.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/33778/an/0/page/0#33778 theres pic attached

let us know if you see shedding. those settings are on a low side on a Yag.

actully, yes i do see sheading…well i can pull the hair out with out it hurting…but only most of them…but i have a question…is there any medicin to make your stomch smother and gets rid of the pimples and the ingrown hairs…and also theres some hairs that have like blackheads in them, i can see the brownish yellow oil…

are you putting lotion or anything on there? that would cause more of blackheads to appear. if you continue lhr and keep the area dry, you should eventually not have the ingrowns. lhr helps with that. are they from shaving or waxing? There is a product called TendSkin that’s for ingrowns.