LHR Test spot experience

I’m a 30 yr old MTF TS and I’m wanting to start LHR for my face and neck. My hair is dark and coarse and my skin is light. I checked around a few places that use Cutera Coolglide lasers. Yesterday I went to one of the places and had a test spot done. It was on my sideburn up near the ear.

She had me hold an ice back on the area for a minute or so and then put ultrasound gel on the area. Then she did 3 spots on the area. Each one felt warm with a little pin prick at the center of it. I could also smell hair burning. It didn’t feel too bad. Then she did something to the machine and did 3 spots again. This time the pin pricks hurt alot worse, like maybe 3 times as worse. It was red all over the area for about 2 hours afterwards. About 12 hours after having it done there was a few spots that looked kind of like red pimples starting with a black dot in the middle. Now the red spots aren’t as red but a couple have some puss around them now. It doesn’t look too bad though. I also have some acne but I don’t think that’s what it is.

The woman that did the test spot is a Licensed Aesthician and Certified Laser Specialist. That’s what her card says anyway.

So is my experience normal? Does everything seem ok? Does anyone see any red flags here? Are those red spots normal and go away? I guess after reading some of the bad experiences here I’m nervous. I hope I’m not making the wrong choice here.

I hope someone here can help reassure me here or tell me if there is anything wrong.
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Sounds fine. I would get a few more consultations so you can compare things and prices. Also, I wouldn’t pay up front for all treatments. Try them out first. Other than that, you should wait 2-3 weeks and see if those spots shed the hair. That’s how you would know if it’s working on you.

I’ve had a couple other consulations and checked prices. This is the only one I’ve had a test spot done at though. They do have a great deal on 5 sessions, $800 instead of $2000. So I figure at worst if I get 2 good sessions out of them then I’ll break even. I also have the first session scheduled for 2 weeks after I had the test done.
Today it isn’t red anymore but I don’t think the spots have shed the hair. So it’s just going to fall out?
Also she mentioned something about doing the sessions every 4 weeks, isn’t that too soon between them? I read 6-8 weeks. If I have the sessions too close together won’t I end up needing more sessions? But is there a problem with waiting too long in between? Maybe missing some hairs in their growth cycle?

6-8 weeks to start and then more like 8-12 weeks. too soon is not treating any hair and just paying. just wait until dormant hair surfaces to have the following treatment every time and you’ll be fine. there is not set schedule. yes, after the area is lasered, the hair will start to come out and will finally shed 2-3 weeks later if it’s done properly. you should wait until that happens to see if it’s working before doing an entire treatment. no reason to rush into this. i recommend you read the top sticky post on the forum with FAQs.