LHR reduction on male arms (pics)

Hi Everyone.

Thanks for this great forum! I am wondering if the hair on my arms is dark and coarse enough to benefit from LHR in terms of reducing the amount of hair (say by 50%)?

From reading this forum, I understand that hair reduction may take 3 to 4 session (assuming good settings etc).

I am Type I/II skin, and the hair on my arms varies in color from light brown to medium brown.

Any comments would be appreciated!

First pic without flash, second with flash:

Density and thickness wise, I think you can get a reduction. My sister did 3 treatments and got an even (natural) looking, non patchy, reduction. We stopped because the remaining hair was definitely too fine to benefit from further Laser so we will switch to electrolysis for complete removal.

However… the hair does need to be black or dark brown to respond well to Laser as far as I know.

I don’t know enough to say if the medium brown hair will respond. If you don’t mind losing the money you could try three treatments and see if you get a reduction. You just need to make sure the spacing is as long as possible.