LHR or Electrolysis Advice

Hi there,

I am a Caucasian male in his late 20s and am considering laser hair removal and/or electrolysis. It would be helpful to hear your advice on which route I should go.

  1. Face/beard: My facial hair grows in thick and the hair is black. I would like to remove the hair on my cheeks/neck and significantly reduce the density in the “goatee” (chin/mustache) area so the hair comes in thinner, there is less of it, and my skin isn’t as dark due to the hair follicles underneath

I have heard that lasering the beard can cause odd hair growth patterns and other problems. Is that true?

  1. Forearms: I would like to reduce the density of the black course hair on my forearms without making my arm look too bare or looking like it was lasered (I want some arm hair still, just not as much)

  2. Legs: I have black hair that grows densely on my legs. I would like to reduce the density of the hair growth on my legs while still keep it masculine

Please let me know if you think the best bet is to use laser and/or electrolysis and why.


Just in case it was not clear above, I am curious to know if electrolysis is a better route to use than laser in each of these body parts.

Looking forward to hearing the community’s thoughts

Your descriptions are good, but quality pictures are of great help. Can you submit some QUALITY pictures?

Many men have complained of having patchy results on their beards. They complain of looking like a marble cake after laser treatments. Electrolysis offers precision, but takes an experienced electrologist and many hours to tackle a beard like you describe. The upper models of Apilus or the Silhouette Tone VMC are especially helpful for big projects, especially if they are used by the skilled hands of an electrologist that has experience with male beard removal.

Leg hair, like you describe, is helped with a couple laser treatments if you want reduction only.

Arm hair that is suitable for laser would be a good choice for a couple of treatments. If more hair reduction is desired, then electrolysis can fine tune things.

Laser may be able to knock out the bulk of the hair and then electrolysis can refine things. Of course, when there was no laser hair reduction, good old steady friend, electrolysis, did it all with precision and still can.

I will try to take some pictures this week.

Where can I see pictures of other guys who have had laser on their face, legs, and arms? I would like to get an idea of the results.