LHR on male legs

Hi. The hair on my legs is pretty thick, and I’d like to reduce the thickness uniformly. Is this possible? Since I’ve read the hair grows in cycles, would LHR just make my legs bare during a cycle or could I do 2 Laser sessions at like 20 weeks apart to acheive my goal?

You can get a reduction by doing only a few laser sessions for sure. It has to be bare though since you have to shave your legs, do laser, then all the hair falls out and remains out for at least 2 months or so then grows back. There’s no possible way to avoid having bare legs… That’s usually the part people like the most lol.

You can get an even reduction if you go to someone experienced who overlaps properly and doesn’t miss spots. You’ll likely need about 3 treatments instead of normal 6-8.

Legs have long hair cycles, so you’ll only need treatments once every 12-16 weeks. You’ll be able to assess the reduction as you go that way too and stop when you’re happy.

I agree that three sounds about right for a reduction. I have had 3 full treatments and if I were a guy, I think this is where I would stop.