Has anyone ever heard of assara laser?? I’m thinking its a new place but i there was an ad posted in my firm’s newsletter about it. Ive been looking into lhr for sometime now but they seem to have good deals but others opinions before i went ahead and booked a consultation.


the 2 most recommended places in nyc are romeo&juliet and lydia (nurse). there are reviews and listings for those and others on citysearch.com i believe as well. you can also try running a search on this forum for this particular place.

I’ve been to Assara Laser. As I mentioned in my other posting, Assara Laser is a good place, but so is Romeo. And though there have been complaints about the high turnover of staff, I’ve been there and they machines which are as good as those found at Assara Laser. The only advantage I saw at Assara Laser was that they are offering a good promotion until the end of April and have a very friendly staff. Aside from that, I wouldn’t hesitate to go to either place. (Whatever citicisms you heard about Romeo are blown out of proportion.)

I went to romeo for a consultation and it was the most unprofessional place. the girls were all on the phone or cell phone, didnt even say hello. I tought of leaving but i decided to go ahead anyways since i came all the way to get the consultation. THEN i got into the room and i couldnt believe how passive and sleazy the girl was, every question i asked her she rolled her eyes. I was very upset because i had heard of romeo and was told it was the best. i was very dissapointed, then i went on slick deals and found assara laser. went for the consultation and i agree with someone else posting, customer service was amazing, compared to romeo, this was LUXURY!!!

I got a great price and they were so nice. made me feel really good about pursuing my hair free dream! I am now doing my whole body and did already my first treatment.

this sounds like an ad…no offense. maybe you can expand on your treatments like most people who come and post for the first time on the forum. otherwise, it sounds sort of suspicious to me. you never posted, but now that you came to this forum and immediately saw a posting on assasa, which happened to be right when you’re getting treatments, you decided to post…?

if anyone is having issues with Romeo, which is rare, talk to the owner Chris. he’s a moderator on another forum and is always willing to help and resolve any issues.

The only issue I ever had at Romeo was their staff turnover. Aside from that (and aside from the promotion that Assara Laser is running), Assara Laser is not that much better than Romeo. (They both have equally good machines, no IPLs, etc.) At the end of the day, you can probably go to either place; regardless of what you may have been told, Romeo is not that bad.

Self promotion? THIS add sounds like Chris from romeo, I met him…he told me about this site and how hes always on these forums, kinda weird how your always promoting romeo and chris, isnt it?

I have been reading about these forums for months. I took everyones advice on romeo and I was dissapointed. I found assara laser in the paper, not on the forums and I tought people would be interested in knowing that romeo is not the best place in NYC. I am a new member, not a new user. These forums are meant to service the people who read them, by refering them to romeo, you aint doing anyone favors. Dont listen to me, go to romeo…see for yourself. Im not the opnly one with this oppinion.

I’m not sure if you are responding to my reply, but, like I’ve said before, there is nothing wrong with Romeo’s place. All I said was that there was a problem with staff turnover. I’m sure every place has problems. You may enjoy Assara Laser, but I’m sure one day they may also have problems. Who knows. For now, I don’t see much difference, except for staff turnover at Romeo. But no need to bash romeo.

now that you explain a little, it doesn’t sound like you are. but you must see that if you’ve never posted before and your first and only post is just bashing a clinic and that’s it, it seems suspicious. it would be helpful also if you provide a description of your treatments and your results so far etc. as a side note, if you’re having issues at a clinic, I think you should always give them the benefit of expressing your concerns and talking to the owner etc to see what they can do to make it better, especially if it’s a clinic whose owner is posting on forums and obviously cares about his feedback since it’s out there for everyone to read.

I’ve been there; great attitude, very professional. They mainly use the Apogee Elite. To the extent that you believe the Alex and Yag are the way to go, Assara Laser in nyc is a pretty good bet. I know some have gone to American Laser Centers, but I beleive they are still using the Aurora (which, in my opinion, is not the best machine out there). I wonder if Assara will extend the promotion past May. (They say they won’t, but who knows.)

I’m somehow almost positive if you come there after April and speak to whoever is in charge privately, they can make a deal with you if they’re business-oriented and want your business. Promotions are set up to attract customers. Good business people know that of course, and if you come a few weeks later, won’t turn down thousands of dollars, especially if they were freely giving those prices to people just 2-3 weeks back just for that reason, to attract more customers. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> so, i say, try it.

only beef i’ve had with R&J is that the place is so @#$ing busy and booked solid.

not chris’ fault, of course.

that is all, carry on.

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I agree; aside from the staff turnover and waiting time, i have no beef with R&J. Several months back, Chris agreed to stop overbooking (hence decrease waiting time), but I guess it’s hard to turn down money. Not his fault - I’d do the same if I were Chris! we all love cash! :wink:

Quick question: Assara Laser and R&J do not guarantee long term hair removal results. Is this suspicious or do most places not guarantee? (I think ALC might guarantee, but I don’t like their service, so I rather not spend there anymore. Assara Laser suggested some sort of guarantee, but I don’t think it’s a lifetime guarantee.) Is there an industry stamdard?

most places don’t offer any guarantees. there are too many variables involved, including underlying medical conditions that are often not made obvious to the clinic or sometimes not even known to the customer himself. i would actually stay away from clinics that do. it’s not the type of industry where anyone can guarantee you anything.

is that why Assara Laser and R&J don’t offer lifetime guarantees? i thought that that was the reason, but wanted confirmation. thks.

Just an FYI and a correction to what I said above, I did some research and JOEKALA actually DOES work for Assara as I previously suspected. So, any consumers should disregard this BIASED “feedback” and claims.

Of course this phrase from ‘him’ above should pretty much give it away “I got a great price and they were so nice. made me feel really good about pursuing my hair free dream! I am now doing my whole body and did already my first treatment.”

I agree that Joekala’s claims we’re a little overboard but how do you know for sure that he works at Assara?? I read up about the place and went for a consultation and its a pretty decent place and i am satisfied. I dont think its fair for people to try and promote their place but hey theres a lot of competition out there… new place or not everyones fighting to be the best and to be successful!! Just my thoughts and opinions!!

it’s fine if someone promotes their clinic, IF they’re being honest and actually state that that’s what they’re doing – NOT by pretending to be a happy customer. I’m on several forums and I have talked to several others in the business who know exactly who this person is.

well it would be great to know who all these people are. some say in other forums that LAGirl is Romeo’s gfriend, but who knows. would be nice if everyone just wrote on their own behalf. consumers dont have time to figure out who is who. let’s be constructive…just a thought!