LHR & moles??

i got my first laser treatment one week ago thursday on my face. i had a small mole on my cheek where i had laser and now it’s gone!!! is this normal? will it come back? is it safe and ok? i kind of liked the mole to be honest but it’s no big deal if it’s gone. just curious.

laser is attracted to dark pigment. so that includes moles in addition to dark hair. it’s normal that this happened. in the future, you can cover up the moles with something white or cover it with white pen before doing laser if you want to keep any.

Getting lasered can also destroy or fade ‘liver spots’, hyperpigmentation, and darkening around scars. It can even out your complexion, but sometimes can take several visits. I was talking about this to my MD/tech, I think it’s a pretty good side benefit, the pigments just kind of absorb the energy and shatter, then macrophages digest what remains.

One word of caution about erradicating moles with laser. A physician should examine a mole to make sure there are no signs of funny changes with colors and borders before it is erased with laser. If someone would have issues that point to a disease process, such as a melanoma, then the site and evidence would be gone for nobody to see. With no sign of a diseased mole now, prompt treatment would not give you the advantage to cure the disease early.

In the future, if you have any moles, do have them looked at first by the doctor in attendance at your laser facility and if you want to keep a mole, use whiteout or a red felt pen to color it. If you have hair growing out of a mole that you want to keep, then electrolysis is the ticket, but you will most likely need a prescription for that. Most moles are harmless and when treated with laser crust over and scab and when the scab falls off they are lighter or have no color at all.

Lastly, about your question, will moles come back. Generally, not.