LHR in South florida Prices & lasers

Hi i’ve been looking for a good LHR clinic in south florida (im in hollywood) I’ve spent at least the last 2weeks researching online.I think i’ve read most of the LHR forums I’ve been to many places and called many other places. Im so worried because of all the negative posts, People in those posts are getting cheaper price etc… I’ve been to three places

1st (Pamolar estelux) 4600$ for 8 treatments for the whole body

2nd(Candela)(Private Clinic) 1200$ per session for full legs, bikini, belly line and underarms(About 5-6 sessions needed so about 7200$)

3rd (Candela) 7600$ for 8 treatments for full legs, bikini, belly line and underams and with a guarantee

I have white skin(natural tan) and dark hair. But i’ve been waxing my legs only for 2 yrs so the hair is much finer and not as dark there than any other areas

Should i stop waxing and start shaving if i want to get LHR

Which one should I pick? Are these prices too high?

Can anyone recommend me somewhere else?(any laser tech or dr. that have been posting on this site)

I’ve seen posts Aeliayousaf who was going to opened a clinic in Ft.Lauderdale. What is the name of her clinic?

Too bad i don’t live around Pensacola i would go see shelby

Thanks a lot

The best thing to do would be what you have already done: price a few places. And from there, don’t pick a place based on its price. There are no laser “techs” that post on these boards; I think they’ve seen too many negative posts.

Find someone who is happy with their results - results that have lasted for near a year - and find out which place and service they used.

Yeh i know. That’s what Im trying to find out. I can’t find anybody in S.florida that had good or bad results.

So if anybody had HLR in south florida please share with us

Thanks a lot