LHR in Columbus, OH

I’m considering having LHR done. I’m Asian with black coarse hair. I live in Columbus, OH. I’m wondering if anyone could give me any recommendation on reputation clinics in Columbus area.


What areas are you treating? Male or female?

Did you read our FAQs and the link below outlining how to find clinics near you?

Dee, the regular electrologist on this forum is from Columbus, so she can probably give you some leads. However, you need to do your own research first to be able to judge a clinic. Start with the FAQs below.

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Remember, LASER is for dense, dark, coarse hair, griding or no griding. Were you getting hair structures treated that don’t fit this description? LASER shouldn’t be rushed and if this was happening then perhaps a clients complaints will put a halt to it.

For the original poster, Kelly Wert C.T. at PHYSCICAN’S ANIT-AGING CENTER MORSE RD. LOFT 8 in GAHANNA and Nina Deep, M.D. http://www.ninadeep.com/ in Westerville may be worth a looksee. I have sent several clients to Kelly who liked her and I have an electrolysis client that has seen Nina Deep and who was well pleased. I only list practitioners whom clients have had experience with. Their feedback is important to me, as I have have no personal experience with LASER reduction.

We never recommend pre-buying packages, especially $8K ones. Also, ask for touchups. They should be included in your package.