LHR hypopigmentation 1 year difference


So more than 1 year ago I did 2 laser hair removal sessions on my cheekbones and it resulted in hypopigmentation of my face.
At this time I searched the internet about any piece of information that could help me solve it but I always saw cases of people who got it, asked for help but almost never came back to update about their situation.
So if you see it and struggle with this condition first of all RELAX ! - it almost always get improve BUT it takes a lot of time - for me it took around 6 months until I just started to notice a difference.
I recomend to stay away from sun for the first few months and then slowly expose the skin to the sun (with sunscreen of course ).

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I have some hypopigmentation on my upper lip which looks weird, other than time and lessened sun exposure and other treatment to fix?

These issues normally resolve on their own. In some cases, it can take up to two years.