LHR for my entire beard

First off, I am glad to see that LHR and male beards are not a new combination. That means some info should not be hard to come by.

I have severe PFB problems, as well as sensitive skin. I cannot shave everyday without getting breakouts, bumps, pustules, and razor burn. If I shave every 4 days, I can avoid the razor burn, but not the other problems…they eventually manifest.

I have tried depilatories, waxing, special razors, all sorts of shaving products, many anti-PFB products, and so on.

I have located a reputable Dermatologist in my city that studied laser hair removal at Harvard. He’s very competitive with his prices, since he will only treat patients under his practice. So I’d be killing two birds with one stone: get a good derm and a good laser specialist.

Before I get too deep and commit to being his patient, I want some information from actual people who have had LHR performed on their beards. I used to simply think it could eventuall be lasered off, but some recent research has surfaced some disturbing facts.

  1. Is it humanly possibly to remove the beard permanently? I mean, come on, it’s just hair. One LHR tech I talked to said that male hormones will regenerate the beard eventually and never ending touchups for the rest of my life would be needed. I know that hairs on the body are in different stages, and some hairs that were never visible can suddenly start growing. Is this what they mean? That new hairs will likely appear in the future? Like a few? Because if the entire beard grows back, LHR would be a big waste of time and money.

  2. Some clinics have assured me that 3-5, maybe 6, treatments would suffice. I’ve heard people say that beards cannot be eliminated in under 8 to 12. That sounds scary.

p.s. I am a near 21 year old reasonably pale caucasian male with a black beard. The individual hairs are very dark from tip to root, and they’re thick as nails. But the # of visible/active hairs per square inch is rather sparse. Especially on my neck. My mustache is slowly filling in still, small fine hairs have filled in most of the patches.



presently I am doing laser on my beard.I have had 3tx’s on it so far.most of my hair has grown back but…it is finer, which is a huge deal for me. Before lhr when I shaved my face was basically all shadow because my beard hair was thick and densley packed together.Now when I shave I get a “clean” look for at least half a day.I am doing a 4th treatment soon.I do not want to elinminate my beard (that is really not realistic)I do want to “thin” out the hairs so I can get away without shaving for a day or two.Then I will decide if thats where I will stop or not.It is a hormone site so you may need a treatment once a year to keep the hairs growing back fine.If your not opposed to a “thinning” of your beard its a real good move,I personally like the idea of thinning I prefer to clean shave but I am also curious to see what kind of beard I can grow after 4 txs,My beard was just waaay to thick.I am 30 and have heard that as you age your hormones will decrease thus not affecting hair growth as much.If you want a good shave and be able to give your skin a break from the razor than I think its a good move.Maybe a moderator could comment??

My main goal is to be able to shave everyday like most men and not breakout or suffer severe razor burn. Anything that gives me these results is good enough, shadow or not. I’d rather have a shadow than a beard.