LHR Diary - on med girl!

Hi just to let you all know starting a new thread for my laser treatments. I had a test patch on my bikini area just before Xmas and I was finally treated two weeks ago exactley today. Its an Alexandrite laser Apogee. I am of meditarian background and quite hairy :frowning: Im having a full brazilian (all removed around a G String except for a small ‘run way’ and she did my belly area going up to belly button too. oh my god it killed especially near the ‘very sensitive area down there’ just thinking about it is making me feel ill. She did it at 17 joules not sure on the spot size but I noticed on my sheet that she put 40 pulses (not sure what that was). on the sides of bikini and belly I can defo take a higher setting but as she got closer to my privates it really hurt. I will defo tell her to go up a setting next time, but I am sure my practioner will suggest it herself. On my test patch I had good clearence i.e the hair all fell out. Its been two weeks and hair is still in shedding mode at moment with lots of pepper spots. I have shaved as I wanted to go swimming and I know its best to leave the hair alone but I really wanted to go swimming! Anyway after treatment my skin was tender for about two days. The redness had gone down by the following morning it was just tender to the touch. I have paid for 6 sessions in advance as it was a good deal (special offer for the new year)£400 (Im in the UK). The only question is she has told me to go back in 5 weeks but here on the site you advise anything from 6 to 8 weeks for body hair. Does anyone have any advice? Should I wait till I see some growth at least before I go back or is it ok to go back if there isnt much growth there - dont want to waste my money! I would appreciate any comments especially from people who have been treated themselves. If I see good results from Bikini area will defo do legs and arms too. thanks and good night

Hey can any1 advise me - Ive had laser done on the bikini and after the treatment my therapist told me to come back on the 5th week. On this forum you advise 8 weeks plus before going back for the body area. Should I just wait till there is enough hair to be treated again? I would say shedding is complete now. most of the hair has gone except for a couple of small patches which she missed, but saying that still a few pepperspots or new growth but think its pepper spots, I keep trying to scratch them away. any advice would be appreciated on the time scales of when to go back :-).


If you are happy with her, go back in 5 weeks, however ask her why she likes to follow that protocol. It is not an exact science but 6 week intervals and in some instances, 8 week intervals is the norm.

thanks Romeo, I will check

normally there will be new growth so in order to make it viable for laser hair removal 6 weeks to 8 weeks are the normal intervals, 5 weeks may seem to be fine but its better to wait a little longer.

thanks janicejan for your comments. its been four and half weeks since treatment and I still have pepperspots - is this normal after this length of time since treatment? I would have thought everything would have shed by now. There is some hair coming through which is probably new growth or hair missed from 1st session but I will defo wait before I go in for next treatment.

Those pepperspots will be burned off at then next treatment. You can gently exfoliate in the shower, too, to help this along.


Hi everyone, Just had my second laser treatment on bikini area all around a g-string and belly trail today. Its been 7 weeks since my 1st treatment. She turned it up to 19 joules, 1st treatment on 17 joules and yes it hurt. I am very sore, with red dots all over the area. I have applied lots of Aloe Vera gel. She has priced me for my full legs to be lasered. I was going to wait to see results from bikini first but just desperate to get legs lasered as well as keep getting shaving rash. So hopefully will see good results, as LA girl did. Keep you posted when shedding starts.

You are braver than I–I do my laser treatments with topical prescription numbing cream :slight_smile:

its been 4 days since my treatment. my skin the following day was fine I just have dry scabs where some of the short hairs look fried/frazzeld (if that makes sense). I applied my gel for 3 days. waiting for shedding to start and going again this coming monday to start upper and lower legs.

Just had my 1st treatment on upper and lower legs. she used 17 joules on front and as my skin was ok up it to 18 joules on back of legs. just a little tender at the moment. As for my bikini area its been one week since treatment, the dry scabs are more or less gone just waiting for shedding. Keep you posted.

its been over a week and a half and shedding has started on bikini - I like this part!

lol you like it?hehe
Its nice and smooth isnt it, like baby skin it only gets better in the next 2 weeks :slight_smile:
good luck!

i didnt know about using different settings on different parts. I may do this, i have been convinced settings do not make a difference though as long as the hair sheds it has been killed, you cannot kill it more by having higher settings. if anybody disagrees with this please share your feelings as i am unsure what to think at the moment. many thanks

Hi Paleboy, my technician only used different settings as it was first time on my legs and she wanted to ensure my skin wouldnt react differently. As she did the front of legs on 17 joules and saw my legs were ok she decided to up the joules for backs of legs (I didnt scab at all on either settings sadly). I am pretty sure she will up it again on next visit to maybe 19 joules, as on my bikini she did 17 joules on first treatment and upped it to 19 joules on second. with 19 joules I saw a quite a few scabs where the hair looked burnt but these dissapeared within a week. Although you would think the higher the setting the better and more effective the treatment will be - maybe I am wrong and your right? Can anyone clarify??? Like you say as long as the hair sheds then treatment is working???

You DO NOT STATE if you are using laser or other forms of hair removal. You will not see burnt hairs if you are using electrolysis or the blend as the action of the device takes place at the bottom of the probe. You might smell chlorine gas but that is distinctly obvious compared to the smell of burnt hair that is present in all beauty salons. You can see areas of burned skin in some situations with laser but that would be only as a result of negligence. Redness of skin is also a burn but you have to expect some reaction from a technique that is based on HEAT. The number of joules that cause burned skin is based on the color of the hair vs the color of the skin and the color, intensity, length of time of the exposure to laser light plus the temperature of the skin surface and the amount of moisture in the skin. Some laser systems use a cooling head to avoid skin pain and burning. Also since there are so many variables, each person needs a different setting to do the job, therefore, the operator’s experience and training makes all the difference. Getting results is the ONLY concern you should have. Settings that work for you might be useless for anyone else. Yag or Alexandrite mean nothing if you are getting results. Joules is only a number. Turning it up or down is what counts to the operator. If you tell the operator what to do you are wasting your time and money and will probably lead to more burns because the patient thinks, “I can take it. Turn it up. I could take labor pains and this is nothing compared to that”.

Please realize that “joules” is only one part of the equation. without knowing other parts of the “settings”, you really can’t compare how “high” or “low” they area compared to anything else. You need to factor in pulse width and spot size. 19 joules on 9mm with 100ms is a MUCH lower setting than 19 joules on 12mm with 10ms. They don’t even compare!

Also, everyone’s skin is different, not to mention the skin type, tan, underlying pigment etc. Don’t treat this as an apples to apples comparison!

thanks for the comments guys but not sure on the other settings that my technician used just know the joules. anyway shedding has started on bikini area just waiting for shedding to begin on upper and lower legs now (this should start by end of this week i hope).
By the way welcome back lagirl - hope you had a good holiday :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to follow your progress on your thighs especially, as it is my impression that laser reduction is harder to achieve on the thighs as opposed to the lower legs.

Thanks for that information in your signature. Did you start laser on Dec. 5, 2008 as well?


Hi Dee
the hairs are still quite thick on my upper thighs too so hopefully will get a good response to the laser their also. I will update my signature of when laser began :slight_smile:

Thighs would get good results if the hair is coarse. Most people have coarse hair on their lower legs, but not as coarse on upper legs, at least the women :slight_smile:

Leo, it would be great if you can ask the tech what pulse settings she’s been using on average, and also what spot size the machine has (it’s not adjustable and should be 10 or 12mm on this machine).

I would not go in for treatment until you have enough hair to treat again. Legs usually have long cycles and don’t need treatments for 12 weeks or so. Bikini and underarms probably need 8 week intervals and more like 10 weeks after a few initial treatments.

Sounds like your progress is going well. And thank you :slight_smile: