LHR covered by insurance? ways to "get" them to do it?

I am looking to see if insurance ever covers LHR for ingrown hairs that causes acne? Thanks! t.

Your only chance of getting an insurance company to cover the abatement of your problem is to utilize Probe Electrolysis. This is because probe electrolysis has actually proven itself to be a permanent solution over the course of more than a century. Many people have had insurance pay for this treatment, and what you will need is persistence and a give them hell attitude.

Since LASER is not accepted by the FDA nor the MERC Manual as a Permanent Hair Removal Solution, they have that reason to deny a LASER claim for your condition. Electrolysis has both proven results, and prior payment precedent on its side.

You should also check your tax laws and see if the laser or electrolysis can be used as a medical expense tax write off against your income.
Up here in Canada I have no insurance to cover my elective hair removal however with the proper reciepts I was able to at least get the tax write off making my treatments effectively 28% less expensive for my income tax bracket.