LHR - body hair blending

Hi all,

I am a male looking to have LHR done on a number of areas: forearms + lower part of upper arm, chest/abs and legs.

Here’s the problem I’m facing: most of my body is covered with thin, light sparse hairs. If I have the areas with denser hair (as mentioned above) treated, I am worried that I will have patches of clear skin in amoung what will become far more noticeable light hairs.

For example, if the dense hair on my chest and abs are lasered, the thin light hairs immediately beside this area (along my sides and back) will become a lot more noticeable (and it will look quite strange why a big patch on my abs is hairless and the rest of my torso has thin light hairs).

I can’t treat these hairs with laser, but was thinking if waxing would be an appropriate way to go (and no, I’m not interested in electrolysis - far too many hairs).

Any advise or experience is appreciated.

Laser won’t remove the hair completely. You can have 3-4 treatments and be left with hair that’s more sparse and fine and blends in with the rest.

Waxing won’t change the hair.

That’s what I reckon will happen. I’ll wax the other areas while laser treatment is in progress (so I’m smooth all over), then stop waxing as the lasered area starts to grow back and hope that it blends together well.

I would recommend to wax everything before you start anything too. That tends to help you have less treatments overall due to synchronization of hair.

That makes good sense. Didn’t think of it. oh well.