Lexington: AaLOK Fashion (threading)


  1. Your name: Anu Karna

  2. Your company name: AaLOK Fashion

  3. Your work email: akarna12@mac.com

  4. Your work address: 19 Depot Square, Lexington, MA

  5. Your work phone: 617-851-0939

  6. Your occupation: Designer, Promotions

  7. Your title: Co-Owner

  8. Your question or comment. Please be as specific as possible.

Dear Andrea,

I am looking for ways to advertize THREADING. I offer it at my boutique and really would like to get the word out. We are on a negative budget right now and hope to spread the word through the internet and word of mouth. Do you offer “Locations” option at your site, of where people can go to get THREADING done?
If so, could you please put us on the list? www.AALOKFASHION.COM (781-274-6996). We do Eyebrows for $5, Lips for 3, Underarms for $5. We’re extremely reasonable and often cater to students.
The woman that does the threading is of Indian origin and so has learnt the art from some of the best, with 10+ years of experience.

Thank you so much,