Lex Hair Eliminator Spray and Wipe Hair remover system


I came across the following product:

The Lex Hair Eliminator Spray and Wipe Hair remover system.

This was the blurb that I received about this product:

“The Spray and Wipe Hair Eliminator Trio is an amazing new system that makes hair removal quicker than ever. Bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and athletes want to look their best by removing their hair. Extra body hair hides those well earned muscles. The Lex Hair Eliminator Spray and Wipe Hair remover is radical new formulation that will remove your hair in as little as 120 seconds. Simply spray on the Hair Remover and wipe away within minutes. It is that simple. You can purchase the Spray and Wipe Hair Remover separately or in the convenient trio pack which includes Spray and Wipe Hair Remover, Hair Inhibitor Serum, and After Depilatory Lotion. This system will remove your hair, retard the regrowth and leave skin replenished. If you would like to see more information regarding our exciting new product or would like to order please visit us at www.lexskin.com/spraywipe.htm You can also call toll free on our 24 hour telephone hotline at 1-877-363-5244.”

Any comments? Has anyone heard or used this product before?


It’s just an Epil-Stop wannabe. Most bodybuilders etc. find these products to be worthless, especially on thicker hair, and especially for “hair inhibition.”