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For several years, I have been answering email from my hairfacts.com site. Many of you asked why I didn’t have a forum. I’ve finally decided to add one in order to have a discussion about hair removal that raises the bar from the quackery prevalent on many other boards.

This site will take a while to get up to the level of information available on hairfacts, but I hope you’ll help by contributing and sharing your questions and experiences!


Hi, This is great. Just a quick question - how does one get a password for a private forum?


Your site was extremely helpful as I was just about to purchase online the Emjoi Permanent Removal Tweezers. Having the Emjoi Gently and being rather satisfied with that product I thought I could trust other products made by Emjoi. Obviously, after reading the facts on your web site this is not the case. Anyway… I would be happy using any kind of semi-permanent hair removal if there was at all SOME WAY to PREVENT ingrown hairs! Ingrown hairs will be the ruin of me. Please… if anyone knows how to control, treat or prevent ingrown hairs the information would be most appreciated.


Hi Rina–

Glad I could help!

It’s a shame that Emjoi has extended their otherwise excellent product line with this tired old scam device. Many people like their rotary epilators, but all consumers should avoid their electric tweezer products. Electric tweezers have no proof they can achieve permanent hair removal.


Hi Andrea,

Great site, you’re really filling a void out there that needed to be filled.

I think it would be a good idea to make the link to these forums more noticable. It’s pretty hard to find from the front page. (I’m talking about from the hairfacts.com front page).

Depending on the type of traffic you want here, my opinion it’s usually best to make the link to the forums the most noticable link off the front page.

That’s just my opinion and experience!

A great forum can really drive a site.

Or was the unassuming nature of the link intentional? (To keep the two sites separate).

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I’m still tweaking the forums here and gearing up for making it more prominent. As soon as I have a sense of how much time I’ll need to devote to this, I’ll be featuring it much more prominently on hairfacts.

I’m already impressed by the great posters here, so I think this is going to be a very high-quality addition to this whole consumer project! I’m excited!


Congratulations with the forum, Andrea. It’s very helpful, thorough and critical. If only you were a manufacturer of hair removal products … :wink: .


Great site, Andrea! I only had one problem with it: when I clicked on the link for ‘sugaring’ it took me to the ‘waxing’ info page. Thought you should know. :confused:


Hey Andrea!

Fantastic site!! I love it!
I wanted to ask you if you could possibly tell me what is the best hair removal technique to use?

I’m studying beauty therapy at college an am opening a salon next year. I’m very interested in hair removal an i would value your opinions.
Jass!! :smile:


Welcome, Jass!

You’ve asked a question that’s a little too vague. The reason my site is 450+ pages is because there’s no one best method. If you answer the questions below, I can help narrow it down.

  1. For you or to offer consumers?

If for you, answer the questions below. If for consumers, it will depend on your clientele. Waxing is the most common pro service offered, but it’s temporary. If you hope to offer a potentially permanent option, there’s electrolysis and laser. All three methods may require a special license in England. I’m not familiar with the rules over there.

If it’s for your customers, I’ll have a couple of other questions.

If for you:
2. how long do you want results to last?
3. What is your hair color?
4. How much gray do you have?
5. What is your skin type?
6. What area(s) do you want treated?
7. How much can you spend?

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My Suggestion is to put a link to your forum a little higher up, like the top of the front page to make sure everyone visits. I could use a lot of input. ; )


One more suggestion is to combine the ‘tips’ section with their corrisponding sections that already exsit. I would just start a thread called tips in each one, too many categories just adds confusion.


Yeah, I’m definitely going to rework and consolidate the sections soon.

In your ealier suggestion, you talk about putting a link to the forum higher up. Did you mean on the hairfacts site?


Yes, putting a link or banner farther up on the hair facts site. : )


Not a lot of people seem to have posted photos in their profiles…

I haven’t for two reasons…

I hate having my photo taken at the best of times, so I’d need to see a few more take the lead before I posted mine… :blush:

I don’t have any webspace where I could upload a photo

Does anyone know the best way to get a bit of space? Could this site have its own images store, maybe…



I suspect a lot of people don’t want others to know they are on the fuzzy side. It’s considered a pretty private matter still, which is why there is so much misinformation out there. No one wants to talk about it out of embarrassment.

I wish I could host photos, but I barely have enough time to update the sites and deal with mail. Sorry! :frowning:


how post??!!!

ive been trying for quite some time to post a message. and as of yet have been unable to do so. i figured that would be the easiest thing to find, am i looking in the wrong place?or did i skip some steps some where please help me

help me please.
i have chest hair. its not thick, its thin, but its LONG, i have no hair on my belly (except baby hair) i have fair complexion lite brown hair. i really don’t understand how this happen no one in my family has this problem, and whats really weird is my older brother has more hair under his arms than i do. but the hair on my chest is moving up to my neck and shoulders and its all LONG. i dont have sensitive skin, i dont bruise or scar, i have no hair on my back or shoulders YET. my chest hair seems to grow in spurts for some reason. if you look at me from a distance you would assume that i have “average chest hair” but if you got up close you would see that is long and its starting to stick out the tops of my tshirts, i had to give up wearing tanktops about 2 years. im healthy, probably in the best health of my life, 23 years old i dont smoke or drink on a routine basis. please help me i have the same problem on my legs , but for some reason my right leg at the bottom (the calf area) around the ankle I actually seem to be LOSING HAIR, i have a bald spot that wasn’t there before. Am i some genetic freak??!! my entire family mother, father, brother, uncles, cousins, none of them are even remotely on the hairy side.
can anyone help me find a confidental place in louisiana A SAFE PLACE. please help me!
what questions do i ask, what machines and techniques??PLEASE HELP! the hair is spreading.


Joey, I just answered you here.