Length of hair for treatment

I think I have figured out that I won’t be satisfied with any temporary hair removal products out there.

I have tried DIY electrolysis,waxing,tweezing,shaving,and depilatory. DIY Electrolysis hurts my neck and leaves scars. I don’t trust myself to do it. Shaving and Depilatory grow so fast and leave a shadow. Waxing and Tweezing always leave me with bumps…plus I have gotten 3 scarred ingrown hairs. I have one that’s not swollen, but it’s underneath the skin. I am not sure how long it’ll take for it to surface. I have 3 diagonal red dots from previous ingrowns below my navel.

I have a few questions…

I have one hospital center I know that does electrolysis. I want to make an appointment to sample, but I am unsure about how much hair to grow out? Right now, I have enough hairs, but it probably has not all come out, yet.

I have a few strands of long hairs on my chest and enough hairs below my navel, and a bit above my navel line. I think the navel line hair is the best area to test on since I can cover it up, and it’s quiet a bunch of hairs. It would be nice to get rid of the few strands of chest hairs in one visit, but since I need to test–I feel my navel is best to test.

How long should the hairs be before an electrolysis appointment?

Also, if in the future I want to remove hairs on my breasts, is it possible to cover up and leave the hairs area exposed? I am not comfortable exposing my privates.

You will only need one to three days growth for most electrologists.

As for your other question, you can’t get a medical exam without revealing certain parts, and this is no different, if the hair you want removed is on that part.

You will need to be comfortable with whomever does this work for you, as this person will have to touch you to do it. Since they are looking through magnificaiton (one square inch of skin looks pretty much like any other) where the work is being done makes no difference for the looking. The practitioner really is not seeing the bigger picture, so to speak. Their sight is limited. One thing, however, that can’t be changed is the fact that one can’t remove the hair without touching the skin and in many cases resting one’s arms and hands on the body while doing the work. (how would one insert something as small as a probe into something like a follicle with a steady hand without support and stretching the skin around it?

When my electrologist first started working on my breasts, she used a tissue to cover the nipple of the breast she was working on. I didn’t like it because I was worried she might miss hairs on my areola (dark hair on dark skin). But a tissue over the nipple might be perfect for you.

It’d be gone in a jiffy, and that’d be great because they are so few, but I am young maybe that’s why I feel this way. I don’t mind waiting until I am comfortable. The hairs are not on the pink parts at all, so that’s why I thought if they could cover it. I will leave the option for breast hair removal for later when I am comfortable removing the other parts of my body first.

Thanks for letting me know about the length of hairs required for electrolysis removal. I didn’t know if I needed it all grown out or just a short length.

Hi GirlHair:

I would go more with the 3 days growth, or even a bit longer. They have to be able to see the hair and get tweezers on it, to remove it after treating the follicle.

It really depends on your personal rate of hair growth in the area to be treated.

As far as shyness, you really don’t have to be. If you would prefer having a woman work on an area such as your breasts, that is understandable.


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