lemon juice


i decided to post it here since i use shaving more than any other removal techniques. does lemon juice help in bleaching/lightening underarm hair in between shavings, at least minimize shadow? i’ve seen some people swear by it.


Do they also say that undiluted lemon juice applied to skin burns, itches and stings? Pure lemon juice is acidic and can upset the natural ph of your skin. If the hair growth is concentrated on your underarms, you might want to get a laser consult. Electrolysis can remove hair or it can just thin hair, so you don’t have a dark shadow after you shave.


I’m going with what Dee said. You can’t necessarily bleach what’s under your skin - the shadow is the hairs getting ready to grow out of the follicle. Try a good Alexandrite laser or get a few hours from your local electrologist to do a full clearance!