I’m a 19 year old white male with dark hairs. I just wanted to know how much u think it would cost to have my legs done. I dont care if there is a little hair left but i would like to remove at least 85% of it. Also if u live in Maryland and have had any work done can u recommend any doctors?

Cost is dependent on practitioner skill and what type of electrolysis is being performed. Flash or microflash thermolysis is the quickest way to do a large area. If you can find someone who has upgraded to an epilator that can do microflash thermolysis and who can set the levels properly where each hair gets one insertion of the probe (some hairs may need two insertions) and then slides out nicely, then that would cost you less in the long run with regard to time and money. Blend and galvanic will work too, but you’ll invest more time and money.

Sample electrologists (doctors don’t remove hair via electrolysis) in your area if you don’t get any comments to your last question. Get a section on your leg treated for 30-60 minutes and see how much hair is removed. This will will give you a rough idea of how long it will take. If you get a 4" X 4" area completed in one hour, then you can use this measurement to estimate roughly how long for a first clearance /thinning. Once you get first clearance/thinning, then you go to another level where the area is maintained. New hairs that surface will have to be treated, since hairs grow in cycles and are not available for treatment the first go around.


if your hair is dense and coarse and your skin is very white, laser might be a good option to start to thin the hair out if you’re not looking for 100% removal. you can read the laser forum for more info.