Legal Question - Spa Closing


I’ve posted on the board a few times regarding scarring from my experience. I still have the scars and the hair has been greatly reduced, but not removed completely (still left with some dark “peach fuzz”). Anyway, all that aside, I have a legal question of sorts.

I have been going to this spa for about a year and a half (bought a back and upper arms package for $2000). I was recently told that the spa would be closing due to the economy. I have not finished my treatment (was on the 15th treatment with three different lasers) and was told they would (upon my request) send my information to another spa (verbiage on letter sounded like for additional cost) to continue treatment.

Do I have any legal recourse since they haven’t completed my treatment that I paid for?

I am kind of upset about the whole process (scarring, not complete hair removal, etc.) and would like to know people’s opinion on the matter. I can go in to more detail if requested.

PLEASE HELP! :frowning: