Leg Hair Issues

Hi, i was wondering if you could help me with this problem. I have an indian
> heritage so my skin is a little tan and the hair is black. However, my legs
> are quite pale. When i shave or use an electric tweezing system like Emjoi,
> the hairs are removed from my leg. However, there are marks from where the
> hair had been. it looks like I didnt even shave or wax or anything. this
> marks, or bruises, are all over my leg. Is there anyway to get rid of these
> black marks? I wax my arms often and i dont seem to have this problem on my
> arms but just on my legs. What can i do?

It sounds as if the hair is being cut off or broken off at pr below the skin’s surface. This causes the “shadow” you can see. If you pull the hairs out more slowly, you can sometimes reduce the breakage. Some people find the hairs come out better either before or after the shower (I’ve heard both).

Your problem can happen with any ethnic group. I believe what is happening in your case is exactly what Andrea has written.