leaving a tip??

This is my first post, and first I want to say that it was thanks to the incredible amount of knowledge, support and information I found on this site that I decided to get electrolysis and finally put an end to my nightmare with facial hair. So a HUGE thank you to everyone!

My question:
Today was my first session. After I left, it hit me–am I supposed to tip the electrologist??? I didn’t think of it before because this wasn’t in a salon, this is a small office in an office building. (And it isn’t her own business. She works for the woman who owns the business.) I’m already red-faced from the treatment :wink: but did I just make an embarrassing mistake???

Susie :frowning:

I remembered reading about this before, here is a link to a previous discussion on the topic. I hope it helps! Tipping
:wink: Theresa

I’m just speaking for myself now. I’m the type of person who likes giving gifts more than receiving them. I try hard, and I like making people happy by clearing their faces (or other parts). This sort of gives me enough gratification for me to want to do electrolysis for free, if I only had the time, and didn’t have rent and other expenses to cover.

I surely don’t expect tips. But it is very rewarding to know that the person appreciates what you have done for him/her. If this is a way for the person to express their appreciation, one cannot refuse it. But I wouldn’t want anyone to think that a few more dollars is something that makes me tick.

To answer your question, I think, tipping electrologists is not very common, as most people don’t. You are already paying enough. I hope the color of your face is back to normal by now :wink: