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The one thing I’ve felt is missing here, is a comprehensive list of resources for learning, and it’s the aim of this thread to help overcome that. I’m hoping this thread will at somepoint turn into a sticky because of it’s importance in putting together in one place, a list of resources that people have found useful in learning.

What I would like to see here is the following:
Links to articles or ebooks that demonstrate the technique and issues that are helpful in learning electrolysis
Links to posts on the forums here or elsewhere, that people have found useful in learning.
Links to some of the resources that the professionals here have developed for their own sites that are useful to the learning electrolysist that may not be listed here
Links to specific youtube videos that are useful in learning technique.
Short descriptions stating what is contained in your link and why it is found useful.

What I’m specifically trying to avoid in this post is general chitchat. I want to try and keep the topics listed here useful, and minimize excessive noise that may reduce the list’s usefulness.

One of the sites I have found useful for learning information is Michael Bono’s site, specifically his short ebook on the blend method, which is a short condensed version of his full book on the topic.it is located here:
You may also want to look t the "Training"section on his site located here:
I’ve found that section specifically discussed Telangiectasia which isnt of as much interest to me, but may be to others.
Of specific interest to me is trangender hair removal, as I myself identify as TG and have the hope of specializing in this area at some point. I found some of the informtion here useful:
Also it is worth perusing the main electrolysis guide for tht site located here:
as it discusses some topics like pain control, electrolysis complications, dangers of electrolysis including high frequency blowout, and information on choosing an electrolysist.Note that I have found at least one of the articles outdated, and inaccurate so be careful of this information source and double check facts elsewhere.



This video shows insertions performedon the chin. My guess is that they are using thermolysis, as they are proceeding very quickly.It ws designed as part of a refresher course for electrolysists

this is a similar link to above, but I note it here because in the video you see the root sheath come out on the hair perfectly. Good video on what you should be seeing when you remove the hair.

Information on equipment disinfection and sterilization:

Infection control standards for electrology:

An excellent demonstration of the 3 - clearance method and its effect on body hair by Michael Bono.

Sterex presentation onloading a probe properly into the needle holder:
Sterex presentation on multiple needle treatment for galvanic insertion
Sterex training academy. Lots of good information here:

Hey SeanaTG THANKS!! I LOVE reference/resources and I study best visually (ie. video or life classes)… I appreciate the links! AWESOME! I’ve already hit EVERY YouTube vid I can find and saved the ones that show technique or explain something well to Favorites so I can go over it and over it again and again.

Being a ‘new guy’ in this field, I’m pretty much like a ‘sponge’ right not soaking up whatever information I can get my hands on…(have already read two text books and waiting on a third to arrive)… again, thanks for sharing, I do appreciate it!


If you have youtube links, please post them

Here’s the ones I have in my Favorites…


I know there are lots of just ‘random clips’, but each one shows me something either in technique or it ‘inspires’ me to understand how to do what I’m seeing and or goal to be able to work like that electrologist. And, as a ‘newby’ I’m ALWAYS looking to learn more and more to become as proficient as I can in this field. Anyhow… this is most of mine… I know I’ve seen a few other that I like, I just can’t find them on my history list…

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Ontario Canada guidlines on infection control, sterilization proceedures and requirements for electrolysis:


deleted content, i refuse to give that site traffic.

You know what… I would put more of the blame for some of the poor results in the horror pics shown by Ms. Laird on the low quality magnification and lighting which people over compensate for with higher treatment energies (misapplied due to poor insertions due to lack of good vision on where the follicle opening is). Good insertions with appropiate treatment energies don’t cause horror stories like these. Of course, it goes to show why I tell home users never to start their amateur career with thermolysis work. The potential devastation is to great.

A discussion by Michael bono on the physiology of the root sheath, relative to insertions and extractions. As always, bravo Michael for enlightening us a little further.

That hairzapper link is terrifying.

So, you get “terrified” when you tweeze a hair? Now, that’s some “low threshold” angst for sure! I’d better not explain what (actually) happens when you squeeze a pimple or a black head! That could send you into therapy. He he he!

Thank you smartie pants, but the pictures of the scarring, etc…is what I was talking about regarding the link. :slight_smile:


I asked Andrea or James if they could make this important thread a sticky in the DIY forum.

I agree that general chit chat should be kept to a minimum here.

Good job researching. It must have taken you a long time to gather all this information.


I just looked back at the website sited: Hairzapper. I’m surprised (and not happy) with Seana’s positive comment; but then this comes from her lack of experience and knowing. And, that’s the danger of the internet. As the saying goes: “Don’t believe everything you read … or see.”

I’m surprised there is no Hairtell condemnation of this site; so let me offer a couple comments.

First, the author is intelligent and presents seemingly “well documented empirical” data. Not so fast.

All of us make the same basic mistake this California electrologist has made: basing conclusions on personal experience. “I ‘seen’ it so I believe it!”

For example, a European is confronted by a fat loud American and concludes that ALL Americans are fat and loud. (Lots of us are, but not all.) A few radical Muslims want to kill people and we conclude that ALL Muslims (all one-billion of them) want to kill people?

I have dozens of photos of scars from laser. Do I then denounce the entire industry as “causing horrible scars?”

The (common) error the author makes is going from a specific to a general. We all do this, but it’s NOT the scientific method! “Empirical” means the scientific method, not “Yellow Journalism sensationalism” as this website provides.

Like the author, I attended Hinkel’s school too (although she was not clear on that). Art introduced me to several patients that had permanent damage from DC-galvanic treatments! Oh, and from thermolysis and blend too. And, that’s the point.

Only ONE of Dee Dee patients, for example, with perfect skin after using her “thermolysis” technique would completely destroy this author’s position. But, is she looking? Has she seen this?

For this website to have real credibility, the author needs to specify the number of patients seen with skin damage, and which exact machine/method was used, AND the actual electrologist involved. (It’s likely that these bad cases were all from ONE bad operator). Science is all about NUMBERS! NOT opinion based on a few observations.

It’s worth repeating: Science is all about NUMBERS! NOT opinion based on a few observations.

Furthermore, this article is silly in that it completely denounces the vast majority of electrologists (since nearly all of us use “thermolysis”). It “just ain’t so!”

I have no doubt this person is doing good work. She seems dedicated. But she cannot condemn the entire world while sitting in her “tiny” world. But that’s exactly what she has done.

Instead of denouncing the “world of electrologists,” she should write a book or manual fully explaining her technique and offer it to the “world of electrology.” The author DOES have excellent explanations (I liked a lot of her site) … but she’s focusing on BAD treatment using thermolysis … not the actual modality itself. (Besides the OLD “Flash Themolysis” is long gone!)

For more than 40 years I have been assaulted with the “my method is better than your method” shit (and it is SHIT!) … and, in the final analysis, that’s what this website is all about.

I did some poking around and found the appropriate “condemnation” by my colleagues. Ditto!