I have bid for a ld80k laser at ebay:( should have read this forum before, think I have to buy it now when I place the bid(if win). anyway, have seen om this forum that this laser is garbage, must ask, is this judgement after use of this laser?, or is it because the seller seems to be less serious the the big brands.
looking forward for answer!

We have a long thread on here from a person who not only got scammed, but send the thing back when they admitted it did not work (they said because they had received inferior supplies) and that if it was returned and MORE MONEY PAID to cover the more expensive but effective parts, they would send a new unit that worked.

Their replacement turned out to be the exact same unit that was sent back. Their “upgrade” was pealing off the sticker with the LD1000 number and replacing it with an LD2000 sticker.

This is just a flashlight.

If you “win” this auction, just don’t pay. Better to hash it out with Ebay than to lose good money on a scam product.

You can retract your bid, I don’t know the exact reasons but I believe one is something along the lines of the item has changed or isn’t as advertised. Maybe do searches online so you can find where people say it doesn’t work and you can use that to send to eBay.

Or cough cough hint hint, get a free email address with hotmail or yahoo and then make another ebay account with it. Outbid yourself and you’re done. If your new fake account wins, worst that ebay would do is submit a non paying bidder strike against the account, which makes no difference since it’s not real. Just use fake name/address etc… I ONLY say to do this because this is a scam and is garbage, I’m a heavy ebay user and buy and sell daily on there so again I’m not saying do this to get out of bidding but you’re clearly being taken here.


As long as there are more than 12 hours before the auction ends, you should be ok. The process is automatic.

Thanks for the aswers! It’s to short time left to cancel the bid, I have send a mail true ebay to the seller to explain that I whant to cancel my bid.
I’m not gone pay big money for a"flashlight"
still curious to here from any one acctually tryed this laser.

Also intresting if there exist any method or equipment that acctually work for permanet hair removal for home use(not coast $$$$$)

o yea I’m scandinavian light whit thick black body hair, thats why I thoght I had a chanse to succeed whit the home stuff, cause I have understand that that combination should bee easies’t to treat!

Unfortunately no home methods work for permanent hair removal. Tria and Silk’n are the best home devoices but they’re not permanent, depending on the area they only slow the growth down so you don’t have to shave as often.

The only device I know of marketed for home use that could work and provide permanent hair removal is the One Touch electrolysis device, which uses a needle/probe and works like professional galvanic electrolysis. (If an electrolysis device doesn’t use a needle, it doesn’t work.) It sells for about $30 and isn’t well made and doesn’t usually last long, and the needle it uses is big and cumbersome.

Ironically, I am looking at some of the ld80k lasers on eBay right now. For the same price as the opening bid on one ld80k, one could buy a brand new professional electrolysis machine that is proven to work (if done with skill etc.) One could get a very nice professional electrolysis machine used for half or one third the price.

Hey LAgirl, care to comment on what you see here?


Um, it’s a video ad…and a really bad one at that. I guess they’re not scamming enough people to up their marketing budgets.

I had hoped that you would comment on the likelyhood of such a modest aluminum box being able to do Hair Removal, Wrinkle Reduction, Tattoo Removal, Vein Removal and all the other claims they make. After all, you are “the James of the L.A.S.E.R. forum.”

Perhaps a look at their web site might help in the area of claims. I like the way the demo clip shows flashes of light, and the handpiece not even touching the skin.

I don’t think you can tell much from that video at all. The whole thing is based on building excitement from a bright flash. “Wow. That looks cool!”.

Did you read their web site? (easy-hair-removal dot come on) Care to write a review of what they have posted there?

This thing uses a carbon dye. It’s already been proven that it doesn’t work and the other company that used to push it was sued.

So like I have said elsewhere on the site regarding these types of things; Cue George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars FLASHLIGHT! :grin: