lazer for home use on

Hi All,

Its been a long time posting on the site. I was trying to find if I can find a lazer that can be used at home by ourselves, even if it takes long time to reduce it would be good saving !!

I found this website on which they have long pulsed diode lazer which is supposed to be for home use. The manufacturer website is under the name ‘Centre Biotechnique Avance’ and the models are known as DMD1000 etc…

I was trying to find talks or news or forums about these on the net and could not find any referneces to these equipment. Want to know if anybody tried it??? If so will it work???

Hope somebody gives me a feedback and more info on this!!!

Thanks and happy new year to all!!!

They are a complete rip-off!
I paid almost $3000 and they sent me a machine that is 1/2 the output of the one I ordered, and it doesn’t even work.
informed them, and they cut off my emailing capabilities, blocked my browser so I can’t access their site, and through a private investigator, we found out that they are not even licensed as a business or a sole proprieter in Colorado, where they bank…this is a scam.

The common problem with even some commercial lasers, is that they are not powerfull to burn the hair follicles, and I won’t even comment on the power of the machine which sells for 30-40 times cheaper. It is also easy to burn the skin, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for the input and I would have lost a big amount if not for this forum!!!

I am asian female with skin type-4. I wanted to have a brief idea about how much it costs me to get my entire body treated. I was planning on taking a 6 visits package.

On one of the site I read a place charging 6000$ for one year complete body. any number of sittings. Don’t know if its something that is believable.

anybody who can suggest me a place around pittsburg which is reasonal and effective for my skin type.

Thankyou very much for the input. Will be back sometime later expecting somebody to help me find a good place!!!