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This is a transgender, crossdresser support site that offers a wealth of helpful information. Five pages on the site are updated daily. Laura’s Playground has many well-trained and informed contributors that offer so much support in many and varied areas. There is a teen page as well. Aside from the supportive nature of the site, it is a fun place to visit in many ways.

If anyone here knows of transgender friendly electrologists or laser offices that have offered you great care, then please contact Monica-Jennifer with your information, as Monica is updating and adding to the roster. International information is also welcome. Please help out if you would like to refer your electrologist or laserologist. Her contact information is included in the link below.

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Thanks everyone,


International information is wanted both for Laura’s and right here on

We aspire to be the place where one can get information on who is good for hair removal in your town, no matter where that is. Of course, we can’t do th at without you!


I think a lot of electrologists would be accepting of trans clients. If someone was such an “uptight moralistic twit” that they wouldn’t accept you, then you are better off seeing someone else anyways.

I was seeing my electrologist for almost 2 years in male mode before I broke the news to her that I was a TS, and would be living full time as a woman the next time she saw me and thereafter. She was fine with that and we are good friends over 2-1/2 years later.

One good thing about trans clients as far as electrologists go is that we need a lot of work and can be very loyal and regular customers. Those who have dealt with us realize that we are just like everyone else in the world, just human beings.


Aliciadarling, is your electrologist included on Laura’s Playgrouind roster? I’m assuming that you have listed her on hairtell. And yes, we want the same information about electrologists here on hairtell for sure! We always beg posters to share their good experiences. The more places this information is known the better.

I hate to brake it to you Alicia My Darling, but even though you would think that a group of clients who are looking to do an average of $10,000 - $20,000 worth of work each would be the darlings of the industry, the truth is that many electrologists are less than welcoming of Trans clients, and Male clients as well.

Some electrologists like the idea of making their money 15 minutes at a time.

Hi Dee:

I haven’t listed my electrologist here or on Laura’s site.
I don’t really care to do so at this time since I don’t want to invite any cyber-stalkers into my own backyard. I would provide a testimonial for her on her website if she asked me to however.

I just wanted to relate my personal experience in coming out to my electrologist and the fact that she was accepting. 

Some electrologists advertise on transgendered club websites if they accept trans clients, so if someone is looking for an electrologist in their area they may want to check out the newsletter of the local club.


I am aware that the majority of electrologists and their clients are women. I also know that some of them may be reluctant to work on men and a transitioning trans client may be seen as fitting into that category too.

The business partner of my electrologist who happens to be young and pretty was stalked by a male client before, even though she was married and so was the client.To top it off she was also treating the male clients wife, so talk about awkward situations.


Long before I had my first ts/tg client, I had been told by several electrologists the reason they would not treat ts/tg clients was because they have a reputation of bad checks and no shows. And I have to say that in my practice that has been the norm, rather than the exception. I refuse to single out one segment of the population and say, you must prepay for your appointment…cash only, so I deal with bank fees, collections, and the court system. The only client I’ve ever had to take all the way to trial was a ts that I offered to let her pay me $5/week until the $180 worth of checks was paid. She wouldn’t respond to my calls, email or certified mail. My time away from work cost me more than $180 and I’m sure she knew that. I never got my money, and never will. She committed suicide about 3 years after we went to court.

Fortunately, when I began taking credit and debit cards, it ended the majority of those rubber checks. Still working on drilling in the 24 hour notice of cancellation.

Hi Choice:

It is unfortunate that some bad credit risk type customers can spoil it for a whole group. I can only speak for myself and my payment history. I started with laser and the sessions were quite expensive, so I paid via Visa. Then after switching to electrolysis I have paid cash. I don’t think my electrologist takes checks, but I will ask her just out of curiousity. Perhaps in extenuating circumstances for a long time customer she might.

Maybe it was a matter of needing to have a policy where you don’t take checks since anyone could stiff you on a check, whether they be trans or not.


I have found, in my practice, that genetic girls are the most likely to blow off an appointment. They are also the most likely to just show up and try to get time on a day they have not even called to inquire about. (The sign says, “Hours by Appointment Only”)

Although the only person to every stiff me on payment was, in fact a Trans Person, that person was just a jerk, and was trying to get clear by going to every electrologist in the 3 counties near me and getting as much free treatment on a one shot burn the electrologist basis as possible. This fool thought that would be enough to finish a full face for free! Well, the joke was on this “greedy dirty gerty”, No electrologist in 100 miles will take an appointment from this person, and since 80% of the remaining hair is white, LASER (which is always cash up front around here) won’t do anything for what is needed on this job.

I personally can’t imagine why anyone would not have the ability to take credit cards, debit cards, and so on. There are so many iniexpinsive ways to do that.

I once offered the AEA a member’s Credit Card processing service that would both represent a discount to the members, and raise money for the AEA, but they dismissed it out of hand. (So much for membership has its priviledges) All I know is that I can process a credit card payment on a the road on my cell phone, and those who choose to, can have a standing payment taken out automatically on the same day every month.

Alicia :

I can understand your fear of posting your electrologists information. It is a valid fear. My question tho is would it not be good to ask that electrologist if they want to be listed. Rather than just going on a fear assumption that a listing would bring problems to her or you. The situation you mentioned regarding the business partner of your electrologist was that person a customer via the web or just one who one day contacted the business locally and later became obsessed with her? As with any business if a person is attractive they may run into that type out in the business world. However the majority of people who would see a list on the website I work with at Lauras-Playground, which is a support site for Transgendered individuals, would be actual Transgendered individuals seeking Electrolysis. Most are legitimately seeking to get the hair removed that marks them of their former gender role. Those who are looking for troublemaking would be more apt to try that in the chat room at Lauras rather than through the list of professional electrologists. The very fact that the list is based on professionals rather than their clients pretty much removes the interest of them from such folks who are there to seek for other than legitimate help. That is why my listing of a Electrologist on the site list includes their contact information to their direct business and not any go between on the site which might be readable by such persons interested in stalking a TS. Just so you know we have had a list of therapists on the same sight for over 3 years and not one has reported problems like the one you fear. The very nature of them not being the Transgendered person who is sought out on such a site by that type of person negates the interest in them by such a person. Thus the ones listed on our list are no more in danger than if the customers found them in a local listing in their state. I might add … a few of the therapists are indeed very pretty women so if such were being sought out through our lists for the reasons you fear they would most likely have had that problem long ago. Seeing as that is likewise how our Electrologists are listed there is the same fact of lack of interest in them by the folks seeking the clients of the website rather than the ones who are hired by the clients.


I have clients get sweet on me frequently. I just have to handle it the same way I would anywhere else. I even had one woman respond to my saying that I could not date her because I was her professional service provider by canceling her apointments and then calling me 6 weeks later and saying, “Now that I am NOT your client, can we go out on a date now?” :o

Choice :
I am sorry to hear of what happened with the client you had who refused to pay and is no longer alive to pay. I will agree that you had a bad experience with that client.
I would like to tell you of how my Electrologist handled payment When I was getting Electrolysis as a client. The first time a client met with her she allowed only cash or credit/debit card payments. At that first session however she would offer a client the option to prepay by check for the next session. She explained to each that she offered this option to that the reason she offered it only as pre pay only for check cases is that this way she had time to be sure that the check would clear. Further she stated that if a client was going to cancel the appointment that was prepaid they needed to give her a 24 hour notice on actual business days Monday thru Friday or the appointment was considered attended and she would not rescedule the paid appointment. However, as with anything she also stated that there would be exceptions to this. If a client could prove extenuating circumstances as in an emergency situation on scheduled day she would reschedule them as prepaid for a different day. This option kept her and the clients happy. I was one who often took advantage of the pre pay option. And yes she did reschedule me once and only once when I did indeed have a situation preventing me from attending my appointment. Truth said I was surprised I was resceduled as I was unable to reach her at the last minute but she did find I had at least called her answering machine to explain the situation that one day and she called me the next week day to ask what day I would like to come in for a reschedule and to bring her proof of the funeral I had attended for a family member out of state that day I had been prescheduled for. See I had found out at the last minute with just enough time to attend that funeral. So she was willing to reschedule me that time. Her system really worked tho and rarely did a client actually turn out to be a no show as a good number of us were pre pay.
You might ask why I am telling you about this. There is a good reason. I thought it might give you some workable ideas for your practice since you stated a number of folks had either been no shows or had given you bad checks. This idea she put in action in her business while she was still in business (shes retired now) actually could work for you with those who want to pay by check.
If I am out of line by suggestion that you might wish to try what worked for my past Electrologist then I appologize now. But realize I am only trying to help you like many of you help out many of us in each of your practices on a day to day basis.


Don’t worry Monica_Jennifer, we like discussing options here. That is what this site is all about.


I think it is important for a client to establish a good relationship with their electrologist, and part of that means showing up for your appointments. I don’t think it is good business practice to accept cheques from people unless they are long term clients and it is a rare occasion such as they didn’t make it to the bank. If someone wanted to pay ahead by check as Monica mentioned that would probably work too.

I think we expect our electrologists to be professional and keep their appointments with us, and we have to do likewise. Relationships are built over time.

I am sure their are trans clients who would “stiff you” on a bad cheque,and I have been burned loaning a small amount of money to such a person, but they only end up burning their bridges and poisoning the well for others. Shame on them.


Actually, in 20 years in business, I have never had anyone totally stiff me on a cheque. In fact, my clients are normally calling me on the phone to inform me that they are on their way over to replace a bad check with cash plus bounced item fees before my bank has even informed me of the occurance.

Like AliciaDarling said, it is a relationship. My clients are sweeties who don’t want me to think that I can’t take their checks, or that they don’t value my work.

The naughty person who burned me and every other electrologist in the area extended the work past the free consultation and sample treatment period, and then pulled the “forgot my wallet” ruse. My secretary called the police and we could have had him/her arrested, but my compassion got the best of me, as I know what Trans people go through in jail, and our local holding center is an overcrowded zoo where natural born women report being raped by other inmates while in custody. Perhaps if I had not been so compassionate, I would have gotten paid, and that person of low morals would have learned a valuable lesson. It may have been better for the local community if I had. I just too much faith in the good of the world, which my experience with the majority of my business dealings had brought me up to at that point.

Now days, I won’t be so easy, and many so called friends have ruined it for others in other areas as well. (Yes, that means you CD, BP & KK amoung others)

Getting stiffed is not unique to one particular group of people we work on. I know I’m repeating the obvious to all that have contributed their thoughts on this thread, so don’t feel you have to come back and say “duh, Dee!” (smile). Personally speaking, I have had to take the trouble and time to go as far as file a suit in small claims court and put a lein on another persons property. We are into the 6th year and I will wait as long as the law allows. Sounds silly for such a small amount of $173.00, but I’m one bull dog that doesn’t like being stiffed. And, no, he was not down and out. He never answered my calls or letters. His lifestyle was rather good and comfortable, at least on the surface. It all boiled down to the way he ignored me rather than the money issue. One of his properties is now up for sale, and when it sales, I’ll be in line on closing day to collect the original fee, court costs and interest that has more than doubled the amount he originally owed me. Idiot.

I usually don’t have problems with accepting checks from anybody, other than people saying that they forgot their checkbook the day of treatment, but they always mail it within a week. Those who don’t pay up just need a phone call. Those that don’t pay for services rendered will have the bulldog on their trail. I rely more on credit and debit cards now - easier for me and the client.

People that don’t pay are the real losers because there are not enough good electrologists to make the rounds to complete their permanent hair removal plan, as James said. The job ahead always requires several sessions BECAUSE guess what!!!.. hair grows in cycles! So don’t tick off your electrolgist ladies and gentlemen. You need their help for a year or more. And, I agree with you Alicia, rapport and relationships makes it hard for anybody to be on the losing side of things.

Aliciadarling, thanks for explaining your reasons for not posting your electrologist’s information. This is always the call of the client and the electrolgist. One idea: if you posted the information through Andrea or James or Monica-Jennifer, no one would even know that you gave this information so you could still be incognito. Of course, if your electrolgosist resists, then that’s final.


Thanks for all the replies. I just wanted to give a reason that maybe many in the TS/TG community hadn’t thought of as to why it’s so hard to find an electrologist. It had never occurred to me until a group of electrologists were talking about it at a seminar. To me hair is hair and I wish I had more TS/TG clients! Conversations that I’m sure are training me to be a therapist in my next life. Unfortunately, because of the “unfriendly” area that I’m in, every single one of my TS/TG clients move to friendlier grounds before I complete their hair removal. The closest doctor that will do hormone therapy is 2 hours away! How ridiculous is that? And as for therapists, there is only one in my area that will see these ladies, but they report back to me that the therapist needs a therapist. So thank you Dee for posting the link to Laura’s Playground.

I began taking credit/debit cards about 18-20 months ago. In years past, every time I looked into it, the fees and terminal were just more than I was willing to give up for the convenience. But now, the fees are next to nothing, especially considering that my bank now charges my business account a “deposit fee” after the first 50 checks! I love my credit card terminal! Next to my Apilus it’s the 2nd most loved piece of equipment in my office!! I had a call this morning from a young woman seeing an electrologist in a neighboring town, and asked if I accepted checks, or just cash. When I told her I take it all, she was astounded that I take debit and credit cards, as her current electrologist doesn’t. Guess I’m not as behind as some others.

Hi Dee:

I finally broke down and gave my electrologist info to Monica in case it may help someone. My electrologist is very accepting and understanding. I hope if anyone uses the information they aren’t one of the deadbeat clients you have had to endure.

Hi Choice:

It would be a shame if the actions of a few bad apples discredited the whole group. I would like to think that people like myself on the other hand have had the opposite effect with regard to the people I have dealt with.

I think there are a lot of individuals out there in the beginning phases who are afraid to go to an electrologist since they are still in the closet. They are afraid they will either be laughed at, made the subject of gossip or condemned on moral or religious grounds. Perhaps knowing that there are accepting
electrologists around such as yourself, Dee or James might help to reassure them that they will be treated with respect.
In return for that respect they have to uphold their end of the bargain too by keeping their appointments and paying for the services rendered.

It is a shame the people in your area have to leave to find doctors treatment though.