laserschope lyra???

I am thinking of having hair removal on my back, sholders, neck and if I am not too embarassed, my buttock too. They use (cosmetic laser group) the lyra 1064 YAG also called (I think) the laserscorpe lyra ND YAG. Is this a good laser?

If you are a Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin type, then the Lyra will be very effective for your treatments. However, if you have white skin, then it will not work. This particular NdYag is manufactured strictly for darker and tan skins.

I had the first treatment yesterday and it was very painless. She used 45 joules, 50 sec?. I didn’t feel anything. I had a large area done and it wasn’t expensive (I think) at 160.00$. Presently it just looks like my back has been shaved (it was) but she said the hair will start falling out. I will keep everyone posted on if that is true or not.

One more queston…
I didn’t experience any (I mean zero) pain or redness. It seems this isn’t normal. Is this normal? She said we couldn’t really go beyond 48 joules and still be safe. I think I want to increase it because I feel no pain, no gain. Any thoughts on the level of joules?

You said you were using the lyra right.I will tell you what my first 3 treatments were painfull,i mean painfull and i have a high tollerance.After my first treatment i had some serious red spots all over my back,they went away after a week and i was left hair free for about 4 weeks then it started back.Second treatment was as painfull as the first same results.My third treatment was not as painfull as the first two but still had red dots all over,I just had my fourth treatment and i had no pain and barely any redness. about half of the hair has shed looks ok i guess i could never get full clearance it seems.I am a skin type 3.If you are using the lyra it was explained to me the the way the settings work is that the machine has three settings for each skin type,she treats me on the second setting not sure of the joules but im going to ask if she will up the power on the next session.I cant wait till the inital treatments are over.Do you have alot of hair is it coarse and black.My hair is jet black.She also says she is going to switch to a smaller spot size handpiece

I read somewhere that larger spot sizes penetrate deeper into the skin.

The diode lasers may be better for type 3 skin. My practitioner uses both diode and Nd:YAG lasers and says that the diode is better for lighter skin and would require fewer treatments. The YAG laser is usually only used for the darker skin types.