Lasers??? HELP!!!!!


Hi I was just wondering… I have very, dark, course hair on my legs and have to shave everyday and even then it grows back before I can shave again!!! It’s very aggrevating and takes time to do so because it grows in different directions and thus is very time consuming!! I came across a site selling Diode lasers… does anyone know if the High Output Long-Pulse Diode Professional Laser Hair Removal System with Air-Flow Dermal Coolant(This system produces a full 0-45 Joules per cm2/second)… I understand that these units need use of the carbon dye… I know this is not as advanced as the newer models… will it work?? What is the difference between this type of laser(carbon dye) and the others? I’ve noticed on some other issues that someone mentioned that the carbon ones are not so good… why are they not so good? I was thinking of me and a friend of mine taking a course in this and removing each other’s hairs if this type of equipment actually works!!! I know it is not safe to remove your own hair by laser!!! Please help… I really need some advise here!!! Thanks!!


Did you know that legs are one of the easiest areas on the body to have hair removed via electrolysis?

Did you know that a thermolysis operator could bare your legs at least from ankle to knee in about two to 3 hours time in one day?

Did you know that you would not see hair in the treated area for at least one week, but most likely 3 or more weeks, and you would be able to shave the area again in just 3 days or less?

Electrolysis on legs is light years easier than electrolysis on faces, but most people get their face done, and think that the legs would be too hard. It is actually true that if people started on their legs, they would think that faces take way more time than they expected.

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How many sessions does it take to achieve not having so shave so often? I would like to not have to shave for a week… but I don’t want to waste my time on going for several visits and then my hair start to grow back… I was wanting to know about the laser machine I mentioned above so that I could own my own and not have to spend endless hours in a salon… I own my own business and do not have much time to spare!!! I have a friend who did electrolysis and she said it was a very unpleasant experience… she switched to laser and said she got much more results and it wasn’t nearly as painful… I know none of these are going to be pleasant… but I do have alot of growth on my legs and I don’t want to waste my time!!! It gets very aggrevating having to get up and spend so long shaving my legs every morning and then by night the hairs are starting to stubble already… I am married and I cannot go one single day without shaving my legs!! I also have several wild hairs… dark and course ones on my chin which I pluck out everyday… which is not so bad and I can handle that because there are few of them… I am honestly thinking of purchasing my own machine… whatever would be best… I would like some opinions here on which is best… I don’t care how much it costs!! I have a license to purchase such a machine but do not have a clue as to which would be more suitable for my purpose!!! I have thought of purchasing a couple for my busness and hire a few qualified techs for the sole purpose of these procedures!! At the moment I am only interested in my personal use and need information!!! If anyone knows anything about the machine I listed above in my first post… please let let me know!!!


Nevermind… I did a little background research and found a lot of information regarding this company… it’s a fraud!! I will look into the bigger units from a well-known company! I could not believe how many people have been scammed by purchasing these units! I always do research before buying anything that I don’t know much about… luckily!! When I first came across their site my first thought was that these were way too cheap… most prices of laser hair removal systems are in the upper 50,000 to 80,000 dollar range… so I suppose I will be spending a little more than I really wanted but I’m sure it will be worth every dollar!!
Thanks for your help


Be sure to look on eBay once you’ve decided what machine to get. Good luck!


Many “lasers” on eBay are scams. Real lasers cost at least $5000 used.


All I was saying was do your research, determine what laser you want, (you are willing to spend $80,000 so I doubt you are going to be looking into the “scam” lasers at that price) and then see if you can find it for a better price on eBay. Much the same way as if you were going to buy a slightly used Rolls Royce. Many companies offer training packages with the machines.


I have to say after thinking about what you are planning to do that it sounds like an exiting idea. If money is not a problem, and you get a legitimate machine that is suited to your hair and skin type, and TRAIN with a certified professional, then why not. Most practitioners act as if they invented these machines, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not everyone can design and build a car, but after a little training and practice, most everyone can operate one. Most practitioners are concerned more with making money, or PARTISAN allegence to whatever machine they happen to own (that is why two licenced professionals with years of experience can totally disagree on what machine is good and which is lousy). You on the other hand, will care about patient satisfaction and convenience, because you and your friend will be your own patients. Please do research into the proper machine for YOU, and seek proper training, and keep us updated. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but i don’t think you are crazy.