Lasers for men

Perhaps hair removal by laser is more beneficial for men? If laser doesn’t always necessarily permanently remove hair, but usually reduces it and makes it thinner, this seems like it would be a good enough of a reason to invest in it. After all, a lot of men are not looking to totally eliminate their body hair anyways.

Laser does work better on coarse hair, so in that respect men would tend to respond better to it.


Ok-Just had 1st tx with alexandrite-apogee-gentlase at 21j I think. Had pain, do have lots of red/irritated follicles. Lots of questions. Asked nurse to make stronger than 21 and was told 21 would work. Nurse used ultrasound gel first and said it would cool skin when air blew on it…will this gel make laser less effective? Its been about 6 days and follicles still red but improving, when do I shed, what if I don’t shed? LOTS of anxiety about whether this will work. Thanks for the advice.

Apogee is one alexandrite and GentleLASE is another alexandrite. so you were treated with either one or the other, not both.

21 joules is a bit low for a man(if it’s back etc, not face). I would ask for 30 joules and up if your skin can handle without burning.

Shedding occurs within 2-3 weeks. Usually starts at 1.5-2 week period and goes on for about a week or 1.5 weeks.

keep us posted. gel is fine, that’s cooling to protect from burning. red follicles are a good sign.

Thanks for the reply. Wow…30j…I might be too wimpy. I am suppose to be treated every 3 months approx. so I’ll report back. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Not sure if ? went through. I had an alexandrite apogee 9300 at 21j and 20msec. Will try to make stronger. On back, sh, up arms. I sure hope it works. Mantaray has really scared me off with his story.
So realistically one should expect( if type 2, dark coarse) on above regions to be 50% clear with other hair lighter and thinner? Trying to protect those emotions again.

Apogee is a good laser. With type 2, you can go be treated at 30 joules and should have no issues. I get treated at 30 joules with GentleLASE alexandrite, even on bikini, and it’s fine. I’m type II as well with dark coarse hair there.

Men’s shoulders and upper arms are some of the toughest areas to treat, so high joules are necessary. This is also one area where in rare cases, some experienced more growth if treated with low settings and on sparse hairs here and there. I would definitely ask for higher joules on these areas and not to treat any single hairs there.

I have 90-95% removal on bikini, underarms, and perenial. Mantaray was trying a new laser, Comet. There are many variables, it’s hard to judge why it didn’t work. You should be experiencing shedding of ALL hair treated every time and you should clearly see some hair not come back at all even after 2 treatments already. About 70-80% of mine didn’t come back after 1 treatment even.

Also, 3 months is a bit long to space treatments. You should go in for your next one as soon as you see new hair come up after shedding has finished and you have had a hairfree period of a few weeks. That’s when hair is more vulnerable and easiest to kill with laser. For most, that is 8 weeks after treatment, not 3 months.