Lasers Cause Hair Growth in Tattoo Removal?

I know you all are the experts here about laser settings. I’m curious … do you know what settings are used in tattoo removal, and if they put people at risk of hair growth in the same way that hair removal does? I remember from my research here on hair growth that fine hair areas are the most at risk for laser induced growth… I have a tattoo on my back, where I have very fine hair that I’d like to get removed by laser. I’m worried however that I may end up replacing one problem with another!

Thanks for your thoughts.

The colors and wavelengths used are different for laser hair reduction and tattoo removal so I don’t think there is a risk??? Who can help out on this one?

I’m not sure either but I don’t think it would. Reason being, usually hair is induced when the settings are low, and I know for tattoo removal that they’re usually really really high and that it’s way more painful than hair removal. I guess it depends how bad you want it gone. If it did induce growth, just do electrolysis after? :slight_smile:

You cannot use hair removal lasers on a tattoo. They would ruin the tattoo.

Also, laser doesn’t work on fine hair.

You need electrolysis, not laser.

LAGirl I think they were looking to have their tattoo removed and were wondering if the laser used for that would induce hair growth on their back. I don’t think they’re wanting to do hair removal.

I guess I misread that one line…“I’d like to get removed” referred to the tattoo not the hair (bad grammar! haha)

lol. Missed one important comma, but the rest of the post/subject title provides good context. LAgirl, you are the real subject matter expert here – any thoughts on whether tattoo removal might lead to induced hair growth if the area treated has fine hair present?

I don’t know whether the frequencies of the tattoo removal lasers affect hair. Sorry.

Sparta: tattoo color and back area?

Sacral or shoulder blade area?

(do not worry, I holds the record for grammatical errors) :wink:

Black is easier to remove, as well absorbed virtually all wavelengths. The difficulty is in the black density applied on the tattoo. For example, black ink tribal requiring a higher number of sessions than other tattoos made with black or dark pigments, because they are very thick in the amount of pigment deposited.

The colors red and yellow respond well to only one wavelength.

The colors green, blue and turquoise pigments which are usually the response is weaker, therefore require a greater number of sessions.

The pigment is more difficult to remove the white, which is achieved by applying titanium dioxide.

I think you’re probably safe, like I said above, I know that tattoo removal uses different frequencies and is much stronger and apparently hurts a LOT. Induced growth is more an issue on settings that are too low.

Color is mostly black. Unfortunately, the tattoo is a back piece and covers a good portion of the entire back. Laser removal may not even be a realistic option for the size of the tattoo, but I wanted to find out about any possible hair induction before even looking into the price or time commitment.

Laser tattoo removal is pretty expensive, unfortunately they realize anyone that wants their tattoo gone bad enough is going to pay for it. On the positive side, black is the easiest to remove, as the laser can see it the best. Colours are much harder to remove. I honestly wouldn’t worry much about it though, if you want it gone bad enough then I’d just go for it. The ND:Yag they use for tattoo removal only targets the dye not your skin. I’m not sure how deep the ink on a tattoo goes but I don’t think it would be as deep as the root of your hair, so the laser pulse may not even go deep enough to hit the hair follicle.

Thanks for the input. I did read that “suboptimal” frequencies were suspected to be responsible for induced hair growth. So hopefully with the higher settings, you’re right, it should probably be okay. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to just test a little area and see what happened.

If the tattoo includes the sacral area. Watch this area well. this could happen:

I’m not familiar with the location of the sacral area? Is it around the tailbone? I do have some tattoo on the lower back, but it doesn’t go quite that low, and I probably would keep that portion anyhow. Really just want to eliminate the part of the tattoo that covers the mid to top portion of my back. It stretches up to the base of the neck, and over the shoulder blades. It does not go across the top of the shoulder at all though or anywhere on the arms.

The sacrum is a triangular bone formed by fusion of five vertebrae.

The growth of hairs in this area is shaped like an inverted triangle. It is one of the areas that develops hair in men and many women also suffer.
It seems that the tattoo is not annoying there. Right?

The area of the scapula is not due to receive hair on women. On the other hand many men have it.

The risk of hairs stimulated by the laser, increases when the sessions are recurrent.

Studies show that injuries (any type) long, induce hair growth in the area.
Have studied many types of injuries that produce this stimulation. As an example, the side of the back that bears the burden of bags. Or the Spanish carriers shoulder yet another burden to bear “sacred”. Or that of girls who self-injure themselves by a disturbance in behavior.

So, be careful.

The risk of hairs stimulated by the laser, increases when the sessions are recurrent.

I don’t know what this means. Induced growth is caused by treating wrong type of hair (fine and/or sparse) and usually with low settings. Growth is stimulated on areas around those fine hairs which laser hits.