Lasercomb and Gaunitz laser

I have been seeing these two products/companies in the news quite a bit lately. Apparently, they use lasers to regrow scalp hair! On Dateline, they had a special a while back where they tried Propecia, Rogaine, something other product and laser on a few guys to see what grew back scalp hair the most. Surprisingly, the laser had better results than Propecia and Rogaine! Lasercomb has now filed an application with the FDA for approval as a hair growth product.

Anyone have any kind of experience with these products? How does the wavelength of the lasercomb beams compare with the wavelength of Yags, Diodes, Alexandrites etc…?

i don’t see any specs on the actual laser on their site. it seems to be mostly salesy.

Both products to avoid until they produce published double-blind clinical data and FDA clearance.

I saw the same Dateline show. The laser comb appeared to be a joke…I don’t believe it had any results.