At 30j using the Lightsheer i did my whole upper body(chest,abdm,shoulders,back,neck,etc) with relatively no pain.I have a high tolerance for pain i guess and it didnt bother me at all.At my 2nd treatment in a few weeks i will tell my technician to crank up the fluence as long as it doesnt damage the skin which propably wont(type2skin very dark hair). But i must say laser on the butt at the same fluence was noticeably more painfull and had me jumping up a few times. So if you do decide to do your butt, yes it is more painfull ! But all in all the overall pain is DEFINATELY worth what the results are hopefully going to be.


Again I read all this good stories and feel curiosity to find out if I am suitable for this type of permanent treatment.
How much did it all cost?
Where did you search for this places?
I live in the state of Indiana, how can I search for places?
Paloma :smile:

PeterNYC, when they do the butt do they do all the way up to the anus?
I didn’t know if they could do that with the Lightsheer.

Paloma787, contact the Shideler Dermatology Group. They can be found at They se the Lightsheer ET diode laser.



No not all the way but pretty close…its a very sensitive area and the pain can be felt more the closer you get towards the crack LOL. RJC where do you live ? Your results have seemed be GREAT from what you’ve told us(and your skin isnt Very White)Is there any info or “tips” that you can give me that would help the laser treatments be more effective. Ive only had 1 treatment so far and hoping my results will be as good as yours.

My skin is on the dark side and I tan very easily. I am way too dark right now for laser treatments. It takes about 3 months away from the sun for my tan to fade enough for laser. I am in the midwestern USA and the sun is not very intense after Sept.

So my advice is to stay out of the sun a couple of months before getting lasered. Also find out if you should shave the day before or a few days before treatment. With the Apogee they recommended a hair length of 1-2 mm. With the Lightsheer they recommend being clean shaven because of the compression and the contact cooling system. I shave with a blade the night before treatment.

Shaving reduces the chance of burning. If there is too much hair above the skin it may absorb too much of the laser energy.

I am thinking of trying some bleaching cream to make my skin lighter so I can take a higher fluence level. The dermatologist didn’t think that would make much difference but the technician thinks it may be worth a try. I’ll have to think that one over.

I can’t think of any other tips. Hope this helps.


I also had this done a couple years ago, just one treatment with no results (and i am the ideal candidate in terms of skin/hair). But the pain is bearable, just not around the anus (god DAMN that hurt- which they did pretty much all the way up to).

paloma, if you have light skin and dark ahir, laser can be a good option. Be sure to go to someone with experience, and get information in wiritng about what you can expect.


I am also from NYC and currently searching for a practice with the Lightsheer ET.

Do you recommend your practitioner?


what did you use to remove the hair from the anus b4 hand? Also how did you know they’d do that area did you just ask them because the plasce I looked at getting down was full of amazon looking women in white coats , a bit unnerving!