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I wanted to know if anyone has experienced the epilight and/or softlight?..I’m confused, I have heard a lot about softlight not being permant hair removal system…and I was wondering if epilight is any different…?

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First off, the one thing I hear over and over is that lasers are for hair reduction. They can’t kill every single hair, like electrolysis. Hairs receiving laser can either not respond at all, become lighter and finer, or die completely.

To find out what the current FDA status is, visit this page:

Follow the instructions there for finding information specific to each laser type (you have to search their 510(k) database.)

As it says, some lasers have been approved to advertise “permanent hair reduction”. The Lightsheer Diode laser is one of those, but there may be others.

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The SoftLight Nd:YAG was demonstrated in a clinical study to be temporary.

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The EpiLight is a flash lamp or intense pulsed light (IPL) device. It is cleared by FDA to make claims of permanent hair reduction, but there’s much less published results than lasers have.

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